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Consumer Loyalty and Payments

Consumers, especially millennials, are accustomed to convenience and flexibility.  According to research done by with 6,838 American adults, some three-quarters of people (73%) would leave a store without making a purchase if it didn’t offer a card terminal and they didn’t have cash on hand. Of that 73% — comprising 11.8 million Americans — 36% said they wouldn’t buy anything from that store, and the remaining 37% indicated they would try to shop elsewhere. The findings are clear if you don’t accept credit cards for payment, people walk.  Merchants who don’t have online payment options are not providing the payment flexibility consumers want and that adversely impacts satisfaction and loyalty.

Online payment options enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing flexibility in making payments. If your business allows your customers to make payments on their terms, it will show up in better customer reviews, lower receivables, and fewer late payments.

Another benefit is the ability to capture after-hours sales. Your website needs to make it easy for a customer to buy and pay. You capture a sale and a customer that would be lost if online ordering and payment weren’t available.

Don’t sell products? Giving your tenants or clients the ability to pay when due, or being able to schedule recurring payments for regular monthly expenses is a win-win for you and clients.

Online Payments are a Competitive Advantage

An online payment system with multiple ways to pay is also a competitive advantage. On average consumers uses three payment to pay their bills, including mobile and text-based options.

Beyond customer loyalty, online payment systems make accepting all types of payments from any device easier for merchants. Online payment systems process in real-time lowering Merchant risk in payment acceptance with fewer data-entry errors, fewer declined transactions, and reduced cost with integration into existing back-end systems. 

IntelliPay offers customized payment portals, payment pages, mobile apps, and embeddable email links for a secure, and seamless way to pay across channels. Merchants further benefit from accelerated receivables and reductions in late or missed payments. 

You Don’t Have to Pay for It All

There are options to the traditional absorb fee models where the merchant pays all the processing costs. Fee-based payments models allow merchants to shift the processing costs onto the cardholder, reducing or eliminating processing fees. 

The impact on merchant margins is an increasingly important consideration as rewards credit cards become the dominant type of credit card used. And have the highest interchange and associated fees to pay for all those reward perks.

Fee-based models make sense for merchants in low-margin businesses or where margins are shrinking due to the cost of credit card acceptance.

While fee-based models are more complicated to implement, the impact on your margins could be significant. The IntelliPay platform makes fee-based solutions easy-to-implement and remain compliant. 

IntelliPay consultants are the experts in fee-based payment models and can help you determine which fee-based payment models are right for your organization. Call 855-872-6632 or visit to schedule your free consultation and demo.