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Articles & Guides

Terms and definitions used by payment processors  and the payment processing industry.
The Real Cost of Card Payments
To accept cards, do merchants have to pay more than interchange fees to process payments.
The Only Guide to Surcharging You’ll Need
A business owner’s guide to surcharging. Every you want and need to know.
From Zero to Online Payments 
The small business guide to getting started with online credit and debit card payments.
Cleaning and Disinfecting Credit Card Terminals
Best method for cleaning a credit card terminal
SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program
COVID-19 Disaster Loan for Small Businesses
When was the last time you paid by check? 
echecks are perfect for reducing lines and speeding payments
Big Changes Coming to VISA’s Interchange Fees
VISA is making the biggest changes in Interchange fees in a decade.
We Answer Business Owners Questions About Surcharging
We answer your questions about getting started with Surcharging
Are You Really Getting a Good Deal from Your Processor?
A close-up look into what payment processors actually charge per transaction.
Merchant Accounts – What You Should Know in 2022
The essential guide to Merchants accounts for SMBs for 2022.
Chargebacks – What Your Government Agency Needs to Know
A guide to chargebacks and how to prevent them for government agencies.

FAQs & Support

Surcharging FAQs
All the most frequently asked questions about surcharging
CAPTCHA Accessibility
How CAPTCHAs safeguard online experiencesincon-fil
WooCommerce Plugin
Download the IntelliPay WooCommerce plugin


ACH Web Validation Explanation
How our Web ACH validation system works
ACH SEC Code Chart
Chart of SEC codes, definitions, and how they are used
ACH Reject-Return Codes
A merchant guide to ACH reject-return codes including descriptions, account types and in some cases suggestions on how to correct.

Presentations & Videos

Presentation -No-Cost Payment Solutions
We explain how no-cost payment processing works.
Video – No-Cost Payment Processing For Merchants
Our No-cost payment processing is real and we explain how it works.
Video – Customized Payment Processing Solutions
In this video, our CEO talk about the customizable solutions governments, merchants, and financial institutions have with IntelliPay
Video – Use Cash to Pay Online
Un and underbanked consumers and those with security concerns about using credit cards online now have a way to securely pay with cash.
Video – Send Pay Now Links by Text
Use OneLink to send secure pay now text links to customers to reduce late payments.
Podcast- CEO discusses Payment Trends
Our CEO talks about how he got started with IntelliPay and payment trends.