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The Solution For Accelerating Student Payments And Fees

IntelliPay Education is an intelligent payment solution

that empowers institutions to
accept every possible payment method

from their students without increasing costs.

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Pain for Students and Parents

(it’s not just receiving a bad grade)

Students and parents want the flexibility of paying their bills online, over-the-phone, or in automatic installments for recurring fees or large tuition amounts. If your school or university is not allowing them to pay their bills online or you are not offering installment plans, you are bottlenecking your institution’s ability to receive payments from your students.

SOLUTION: IntelliPay Education provides every possible payment option. Your students and their parents will appreciate how easy it is to make payments or installments and you will decrease the “number of days outstanding” in accounts receivables, thus improving cash flow.

Service Fee Option

IntelliPay’s differentiator is our ability to provide your school or university with a $0 cost payment processing solution. Our technology can add a modest “Service Fee” to the amount due for in-person, online, and over-the-phone payment and installment plans.

Unlike old “convenience fee” plans, the Service Fee goes directly to IntelliPay, where we manage and cover the costs of the processing fees on your behalf. Your institution will still receive 100% of the amount due and next-day funding (OAC).

With our service fee option, your school can save thousands of dollars in processing fees by deciding to charge “Service fees” for installment plans, online payments, and payments over the phone without charging them for payments made in the office. It’s completely flexible!

Secure, Robust, Scalable

Our secure, PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, cloud-based platform is extremely secure and fully scalable to grow along with your enrollment. Our “Master/Sub Account” configuration makes IntelliPay a powerful solution for multi-location campuses.

Additionally, IntelliPay’s hosted, virtual and/or online terminals, cover 35% of the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire, reducing the hassles of making your school PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.

We Work and Play Well with Others

Already have a payment provider you can’t part with? You can continue to use your current processor where in-person payments are made, and we’ll add to it for all other methods.

In other words, you’ll use us for what your existing processor can’t provide.

Your school can use IntelliPay Education for in-person payments, installment plans, online payments, student portals, mobile payments, and payments over the phone. We don’t have to do it all for you. We can act as a supplement to your existing provider.

Integrated Partner Friendly

Our #1 Priority is to provide your institution with an integrated solution, even if we’re supplementing your current software. With our easy to integrate APIs and terminal solutions, we can help you integrate the IntelliPay platform into your current solution.

Also, we can create custom reports that will allow you to import payment records into your system that will automatically post the payments. Custom reports never cost you more.