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Payment Solutions

Platform, not products

 Holistic, integrated solutions customized to your business environment improve conversion rates across touchpoints and realize efficiencies not possible with stand-alone products or off-the-shelf solutions.

From APIs to Lightbox Modals, to Mobile and Text to Pay solutions, we have the tools to help you customize your proprietary software needs.

Platform, not products

 Holistic, integrated solutions customized to your business environment improve conversion rates across touchpoints and realize efficiencies not possible with stand-alone products or off-the-shelf solutions.

From APIs, to Lightbox Modals, to Mobile and Text to Pay solutions, we have the tools to help you customize your proprietary software needs.

About IntelliPay

 IntelliPay is a single, secure payment processing and management suite delivering omnichannel payment acceptance of credit and debit cards, checks, ACH/eCheck, cash, and eCash payments. 

 Key Features

  • Multi-layered SaaS Architecture
  • Google-cloud based -high reliability & availability 99.99%,  infinitely scalable
  • Web Services APIs and terminal emulation
  • Enterprise-wide oversight & management
  • Programmable to existing business rules
  • Robust reporting and search features
  • Real-time or batch integrations with existing back-office systems
  • Easy onboarding of new users, locations, front-end payment options and payment methods 
  • Level 2/3 processing
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliant

Our Clients Get Real Results

Payments are integral to your success. Whether integrating your website with our payment suite and gateway with our API’s or migrating from an existing solution using a gateway emulator, you’ll get up and running quickly and streamline operations.

Customer Testimonials

“Since switching to IntelliPay, our monthly processing of credit cards has become more streamlined and convenient. 

OneLink text-to-pay and recurring payments allow Mainstreet to accelerate payments and a schedule that works for them. Likewise, IntelliPay works for us!”

“IntelliPay’s multiple integration methods gave us the flexibility to process payments all across our software. From APIs to Lightbox, to Hosted Web Forms, our software can process credit cards, ACH, and Remote Deposit Capture transactions with one payment platform. It’s truly an omnichannel payment solution.”

“Integrating with IntelliPay gave us so much flexibility and saved us so much time. The master-sub account structure enabled us to board multiple clients with aggregate and separate reporting.

Posting their reporting files into our billing system saved our team so much time and eliminated mistakes. It’s been fantastic.”

“IntelliPay offers the flexibility we needed to support all of the City’s businesses.  Our merchants have been thrilled to have their payment needs custom-tailored for their customers. The set-up is quick and painless, and we are very pleased with the support received from the IntelliPay team.”  

Core Services

IntelliPay’s core services make our suite easy to customize, deploy and manage.  From single-location businesses to firms with dozens of locations, we streamline payments, management, operations, and accounting with a single integrated payment suite.

  • Web Services API
  • Lightbox Terminals
  • Hosted Web Form
  • Emulator
  • Batch Processing
  • Reporting

Web Services API

The IntelliPay Web Services API (webapi) is a platform and language neutral public interface which allows developers to manage customers and their payments online.

The Web API allows easy integration of payments into software systems. Connect to the web services using any programming language or environment with:



       XML Web Services


Developer’s Resources

Lightbox Terminals

The Lightbox Terminals are pop-up modals that present the look and feel of your application while allowing the customer to enter or process their payment info into IntelliPay’s PCI Compliant, highly secured payment suite.
There are two terminal types.  Lightbox “Online” Terminal which is used for all “Card Not Present” types of transactions. The second is the Lightbox “EMV” Terminal. This type is used for all “card present” transactions.
By offering both an online and an EMV terminal, your application can accept all types of payments with the confidence of receiving the appropriate interchange fees, chargeback protection, and PAN (Personal Account Numbers) encryption.

Hosted Wed Forms

The IntelliPay Payment Suite provides merchants with a secure, online payment form that can be pre-populated with “read-only” or “editable” fields. This hosted web form can be customized with a merchant’s logo and instructions or disclaimers. Additional items can be managed or controlled by the merchant. These items include:

  • User-defined data fields (In the case of our Clients, they can configure 8 fields)
  • Colored bars across the top of the page to match each Clients website

Pertinent information such as transaction IDs, customer account numbers, and all criteria set forth included. Full documentation on how our Hosted Web Form with Post Back Data works can be found here.


Auth.Net Emulator

Connect to most third-party shopping carts or CRMs that support AIM.  Swap out Auth.Net for IntelliPay by plugging in our POST URL.

Batch Processing

Our Batch Processing System, which is different than the Credit Card Settlement/Batch Process, enables our merchants to upload a CSV file to process payments at one time. We can also provide merchants with batch processing to issue credits or refunds.

The user can confirm the amount(s) of the refund(s) in the file by selecting the system’s “Batch” report from a drop-down menu in the Reports section. Then, they can select the appropriate file by name and view the results.

Terminals: Payments can be refunded through our credit card machines or terminals. In order to issue a refund, the user will follow the steps below:

    1. Select “Refund” from the main menu.
    2. Enter the Transaction ID
    3. Enter the Amount
    4. Select green “Enter” button


A receipt will be generated on the terminal that will include the amount of the refund and Transaction ID.


Custom/Aggregate Reporting

Enterprise organizations and other merchants with multiple accounts can have their sub-accounts rolled into one main, aggregate report for quick and easy reconciling. We can customize our reports to match any format. This is especially necessary when integrating our reports back into a management software provider. We can match their format enabling you to upload the report for automatic posting.


Terminal Integrations

IntelliPay is integrated with VeriFone Terminals. In addition, our system allows our Clients to name those terminals and then view each terminal’s transactions in our reporting system.


 Easy to Integrate Solutions

Increasingly more Clients want to process payments in their management software to eliminate manual posting efforts. Our APIs and Web services were designed to integrate to your software provider with the latest and greatest technology. Please see our developers on our website section (www, for more information.

Multi-Channel Payment Solutions

IntelliPay has integrated front-end solutions that simplify payment acceptance for customers and employees.  Each of our front-end solutions is brandable and customizable.

Hosted Web Form

Lightbox Terminals

Customer Portals

Text & Email to Pay Terminal

Mobile Options

Virtual Terminals

Card Present


All our payment options are customizable and brandable to create a seamless payment experience for your customers across channels and payment options.

Customized Reporting/Mgmt Structure

Master Account Hierarchy Functionality

IntelliPay provides a Master Account hierarchy that supports separate departments or locations. Additionally, each location can create and manage its list of unlimited “Administrator” level users that can fully control Account functionality, create downstream users and manage user-based rights, permissions and passwords.

IntelliPay has two dozen ready-to-use reports detailing in near real-time payment and refund activity. 

Management reporting and advanced research features deliver a detailed snapshot of location/user activity in the suite.

Reporting customized to your exact requirements is available.

Looking for a Cost Saving Solution? Check out our options.

Why do I need a reduced cost option?

Credit cards cost 2x more to process than non-reward debit cards. Meaning your margins are paying for your customers’ perks.

What are reduced cost options?

The customer pays for processing costs reducing or eliminating them.  Payment fee options are a legal and card brand-compliant way to improve your margins. We also support traditional (merchant pays all processing costs) payment processing at exceptional rates.

Cost Saving Payment Fee Options
  • FairPay
  • Convenience Fee


Stop paying for your customers’ perks and vacations. Use our FairPay program and balance the scales. If your customers pay with a credit card, let them pay for their rewards. If they pay with a debit card, you pay for the processing fees (which is typically 2-3% lower than credit card fees.) FairPay is the fairest, 100% compliant surcharging program in the market!


  • FairPay adds up to a 3% fee when someone uses their credit card that’s tied to a rewards program.

Does Not

  • FairPay doesn’t add the fee when someone uses their debit card that’s tied to a bank account (no rewards).

Visit our FairPay page to calculate your payment processing savings using FairPay.

Get your questions answered. FairPay FAQs

Click Image to Enlarge

Stop paying for your customer’s cash back rewards and airline miles with your margins.  Get started with FairPay today.

Convenience Fee

IntelliPay’s Convenience Fee Model is for merchants that want to offset their merchant processing fees. Our solution is 100% compatible with Visa/MC Convenience Fee Processing program.

The Convenience Fee Model enables the merchant to charge a flat fee levied for the privilege of paying for a product or service using an alternative payment channel or a payment method that is not standard for the merchant.  For example, theatres are selling tickets online versus in their lobby.


  • Support all credit and debit cards
  • Add a flat fee to the amount due                   
  • Combine the fee and the amount due into one payment
  • Apply to online, pay-by-phone, and other digital (card not present) transactions
  • Deposit invoice amount into your account
  • Reduce merchants processing costs
  • Require merchant to offer an option that does not charge a fee

Does Not

  • Apply to in-person (card present) transactions
  • Separate amount due and fee
  • Permit a fee that is a percentage of the transaction
  • Talk with an Intellipay consultant about how convenience fee processing can reduce payment processing costs for your organization.
Convenience Fee Payment Processing
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To learn how convenience fee payment processing can boost your margins, talk with a consultant today.

Peace of Mind

IntelliPay supports PCI compliance of the end-to-end solution as part of an ongoing managed service host provision. Our proven technical infrastructure, delivers the exceptionally high levels of service availability demanded by our clients, many of whom operate in sensitive operating environments where speed and reliability are vital.

Multi-layer security

PCI DSS Level 1
Cryptographic signatures

IntelliPay Benefits


Reduced cost processing options


All in one solution single vendor


Multi-location management


Control your merchant account


Next business day deposits


Omni channel payment solutions


Easy and secure processing


12 years of payments experience

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a demo to explore the IntelliPay payment suite and learn more about how payment processing and management solutions help you grow your business.