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The Cure For Accelerating Your Company's Premiums

IntelliPay is an intelligent payment solution

that empowers the insurance industry to
accept every possible payment method

from their customers without increasing costs.

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Pain for your Customers

Customers want the flexibility of paying their bills online, over-the-phone, or to be set up on automatic installments for large premiums. If your customers can not pay their bills online, over-the-phone, or through automated installment plans, you are creating a bottleneck to receiving timely payments or worse, creating a reason to switch.

SOLUTION: IntelliPay provides every possible payment option. Your customers will appreciate the ease of making payments and you will accelerate your receivables, improving your cash flow.

Reduced Cost Options

IntellPay’s differentiator is our ability to provide your entity with a reduced cost payment processing solution. Our technology can add a modest fee to the amount due. Reducing your overall cost of payment processing.

Your company will still receive 100% of the amount due and available next-day funding (OAC). With IntelliPay, your company can save money in processing fees by charging either a surcharge fee or convenience fee.

Secure, Robust, Scalable

Our secure, PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, cloud-based platform is extremely secure and fully scalable to grow alongside your business. Our “Master/Sub Account” configuration makes IntelliPay a powerful solution for multi-location offices.

Additionally, IntelliPay’s hosted, virtual, and/or online terminals, cover thirty-five percent (35%) of the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire, reducing the hassles of making your company PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.

We Work and Play Well with Others

Already have a payment provider and can’t change? Continue to use your current processor at the front desk and we’ll add to it for all other methods. Use us for what your existing processor can’t provide.

Your office can use IntelliPay for recurring plans, online payments, mobile payments, customer portal, and/or payments over the phone. We don’t have to do it all for you. We just want to help and if you decide to use our reduced cost fee options, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to try.

Integrated Partner Friendly

Our #1 Priority is to provide you with an integrated solution or integration with your current business management software. If we are not integrated with your accounting or management software, we have easy to integrate APIs and non-API solutions that transfer the PCI DSS Level 1 scope onto our system, saving third-party and proprietary software providers thousands in security audit costs.

In addition, we can create custom reports that will allow you to import payment records into your system that will automatically post the payments. These custom reports can be built at no extra cost to you.