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“Regardless of size, the fees are most merchants’ highest operating cost after labor…”

– National Retail Federation – May 4, 2022

Reward Credit cards are one reason why. Unfortunately, when used online, rewards credit cards have the highest payment processing fees merchants pay. The higher interchange fees on rewards credit cards pay for the travel and cash back your customers receive when they use rewards credit cards. So why should your margins be paying for someone else's perks? We have options that eliminate the processing costs!

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Higher fees pay for customer perks.

Stop subsidizing perks! IntelliPay makes it easy to eliminate payment processing costs.

More Than Adding a Fee

Adding a fee to a sale is more challenging than adding sales tax. Some fees have legal and card network requirements. Others can only be added if a merchant is a government or educational institution. One type of fee can only be applied when the sale is made outside of traditional channels.

IntelliPay takes the complexity out of adding fees, ensuring you’re compliant no matter which fee method you decide to use.


“Small retailers with a few dozen transactions a day pay a higher rate than national retailers with millions
of transactions.”

National Retail Federation May 4, 2022

Business owners who have lowered their payment processing costs.

All-in-One Solution

While IntelliPay makes it easy to reduce high payment processing costs so that your business can stop subsidizing its perks. We also make it more affordable with transparent interchange plus pricing.

Plus, you can offer the payment options customers prefer in an all-in-one payment suite that simplifies payments and business processes. Saving time and money.  

92% of card sales are reward cards

Save up to 40%

We offer affordable, transparent interchange plus pricing plus options that transfer all or some of the swipe fees to customers.

Your Business - Your Control

Multiple locations or departments? Moving all your payments to IntelliPay allows you to see all your transactions and easily switch between viewing all locations or payment data on a per-location or department basis.

Our robust reporting feature allows for a deep dive into all transactions; and simplifies reconciliations. You can easily create custom reports to meet your specific needs. Take control of your payments today.

Smiling business owners with no payment processing costs