IntelliPay™ Privacy Policies

IntelliPay™, Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals, both our customers and site visitors. We have created this privacy statement to demonstrate our commitment to privacy and to inform you of our policies regarding information we acquire during the course of conducting our business.

Who These Policies Apply To
These policies apply to our merchant customers, visitors to our web site, those visitors using various systems and links on the web site, and our merchant’s customers whose transactions may pass through IntelliPay™ systems.

We do not sell or otherwise distribute your specific personal information to anyone unless compelled to do so by order of a duly-empowered governmental authority, or if we have your express permission, or it is necessary to process transactions and/or provide our services using our various products.

We may occasionally provide to others or publish aggregated information without reference to specific individuals or client companies.

Information Gathered from Our IntelliPay™.Com Web Site

Routine Site Traffic Monitoring:
In general, information gathered from routine visitors to our IntelliPay™.com web site is used for site monitoring and improvement purposes only. Such data may include browser types, internet addresses, domain names, or other information. We do not, and will not, sell or otherwise distribute any personally identifiable data to any other parties.

Forms and E-mail Links:
There are various forms and mail links on our web site. This data is gathered only with your knowledge and actions by completing online forms, sending e-mails or otherwise contacting us. Data gathered from tech support, sales request e-mails and other forms are used by IntelliPay™ for their obvious uses. The data is kept in IntelliPay™ off-line databases for our continuing use. Such data is never disclosed to third parties unless it’s necessary to fulfill the request (e.g., you’re inquiring about a product or service from one of our partners or other outside providers.)

Online Application(s):
Our online account application forms are served securely so the data is transmitted to us encrypted, providing you security and further privacy. The data contained in such applications may contain financial or other information needed to process your request. In some cases, this data will be shared with third parties only when necessary. For example, if you need or are requesting a bank merchant account so you can accept credit card payments at your business, we will likely share your application data with merchant account providing banks or their representatives.

In almost all cases, we will be in contact with you when this happens and at those times you will have knowledge of what’s happening with such data. This is the only time at which we might share your data with a third party. In most cases, we will introduce you to such parties directly, and you’ll deal with them directly, giving you total control over your data and disclosures.

Personally indentifiable data gathered about our merchant clients are never sold or distributed to others for marketing purposes without your express consent. Occasionally, IntelliPay™ may contact you directly via phone, mail or email regarding offers of products or services they we think may interest you.

Information Gathered During the Use of Our Technology, Products or Services

IntelliPay™’s technologies and products are used by our business clients and we will make reasonable efforts to assure that they use our technologies and services consistent with this Privacy Statement.

However, Consumers are advised that IntelliPay™ merchant customers may, or may not, be collecting information about them. IntelliPay™ in no way controls or is responsible for the Privacy Policies of any merchant using our system, technologies, products or services. Any issues relating to such matters must be addressed to the business web site of the merchant the consumer is concerned with.

IntelliPay™ does not share any more consumer information with our clients than is necessary to conduct their, or our, business. Consumers are advised to view the Privacy Statements of any online site they are considering doing business with, and query such businesses with any questions or concerns.

The types of information acquired during the use of our technologies might include credit card or other account numbers, names, addresses, purchase amounts and other similar data. We pass this data on to banks, bank networks, credit card systems and/or other appropriate systems to complete the transactions. The amount and nature of the data varies depending on how our business client is using our technologies or services and what data is required by the “back end” system we are accessing for each transaction.

Information Collection by IntelliPay™ Suppliers and/or Partners

In some circumstances, IntelliPay™ passes transactional data to third party providers of related products or services. These may include products or services that IntelliPay™ does not provide directly, but has negotiated a relationship with such partners to provide value added products or services to IntelliPay™ merchants and their customers. These partners may or may not also be collecting the data for their own uses.

IntelliPay™ only passes the minimally required data to complete the transactional needs of that vendor.

IntelliPay™ makes reasonable efforts to assure that such partners are behaving consistently with our privacy policies. It is important to us that these companies respect your privacy and are acting in a reasonable manner with your data.

We will not partner with an outside company if we are not comfortable with their privacy behaviors. If we later find such partners out of line with our policies, we may discontinue the relationship.

Correcting or Updating Personal Information

Our business clients are required to keep their information updated and correct with IntelliPay™. This is so our technology and business practices work correctly. IntelliPay™ merchant customers may contact IntelliPay™ Support to make these changes.

We keep no correctable consumer data in our systems. Therefore there is no data for consumers to correct with us. Should a customer of one of our merchants want to change any information they must contact the merchant directly, or their credit card issuing bank, as the need dictates.

Security of Data and Employee Access to Data

Only IntelliPay™ employees with appropriate job needs are allowed access to certain information we collect. We also train our employees about the importance of privacy issues.

Only a few employees have physical access to data storage machines. Transactional data is kept in separate machines from our business operations and those machines are housed in a secure data center facility behind several layers of physical security. Additionally, various other security measures are used including 24 hour managed firewalls, video surveillance and other measures.

For online data being transmitted to IntelliPay™ from our web site forms or in transactional pages IntelliPay™ is providing directly, we use SSL encryption to protect such information. While on a secure page, such as our Payment Page, the lock icon on the bottom of Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer becomes locked, as opposed to unlocked, or open, when you are viewing non-secure pages on regular web sites. To learn more about industry standard SSL security, click here, or here.

Links to Other Sites from IntelliPay™.Com

Various links to non-IntelliPay™ sites may exist on our web site. Generally, these are links to our various business partners, alliances, or other entities. IntelliPay™ is not responsible for the privacy practices, business practices, technological compatibility, or the content of such referenced sites.

Changes to This Privacy Statement
If we decide to change this Privacy Statement, we will post a notice of the changes on our Homepage so our users can always be aware of what information we collect, how we collect it and how we use it.