January 26, 2022 in ACH, Cashless, eCash, Interchange Fees, NACHA

Seven Benefits of ACH Payments

ACH payments are a secure and convenient alternative to paper checks for businesses and consumers. What is ACH? ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. Automated Clearing House or ACH payments…
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December 1, 2021 in Credit Cards, echeck, Fee Based Models, Merchant Services Provider, Online Payment processing, Online Payments, Payment processing, Trends

IntelliPay’s CEO Talks About the Future of Payments

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November 12, 2021 in Digital Transactions, eCash, Online Payment processing, Online Payments, Trends

Why eCash and Financial Inclusion Makes Sense for Financial Services Companies

The growth of digital-only banks such as Axos, Varo, and N26 as legitimate challengers to incumbent large national and regional banks are just the most recent examples of how digital-only…
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October 7, 2021 in Cash Discounting, Chargebacks, Debit, Debit Cards, Fee Based Models, Surcharge, Surcharging, Trends

Surcharging versus Cash Discounting – What a Merchant Needs to Know

As a Merchant, your margins are under attack from rising costs from vendors, cost of labor, supplies, etc.  The cost of accepting payment is no exception. Credit cards, especially premium…
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