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September 07, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

DRAPER, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, IntelliPay a leader in no-cost payment processing and a premier provider of customized solutions for local and state governments, announced the issuance of U.S. Patent # 16,409,359 by the USPTO entitled “System and Method for Processing Chip-Card Transactions from a Host Computer.” IntelliPay’s patented technology allows government customers to make a single payment. Behind the scenes, the payment is split into two payments, one for the government invoice amount and a second for the service fee that covers the processing cost of the transaction. This single payment card insertion into the card reader eliminates the need for two insertions typically required. The new technology is the easiest and fastest way for government customers to make secure chip-card in-office payments. Government offices using the new technology report shorter lines, reduced wait times, and higher customer satisfaction overall.

“We have been able to streamline our tax collection process, and our citizens love the convenience and ease of use”

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Also known as Single DIP EMV, this chip-card solution is available to local and state governments of all sizes as a standalone or integrated into existing system solution configurations. A government doesn’t need to be a current IntelliPay customer to take advantage of this new technology. The standalone version requires web access to IntelliPay’s virtual OneTerminal or Lightbox EMV solution and an integrated Augusta Reader. The customer interface is intuitive, and the back-end is easy to set up and configure with guidance from our customer support team. Plus, with ever-rising security risks, it ensures that any government has the latest secure payment technology without starting over from scratch.

The integrated solution uses APIs to seamlessly connect to existing systems and provides the additional benefits of real-time payment/transaction updates. Having all transaction data on a single system eliminates manual processes and saves time in the office and with accounting effectively streamlining back office operations. “We have been able to streamline our tax collection process, and our citizens love the convenience and ease of use,” said a representative of Tax Collection, Roberts County, South Dakota.

“IntelliPay has always been hyper-focused on the customer experience (CX) as we develop, deploy, and support new solutions. Like all our products, we developed our new chip-card solution with a frictionless customer payment experience in mind for both staff and customers,” explained Casey J. Leloux, CEO of IntelliPay. “We set ourselves apart by customizing our payment products, services, and solutions to how the agency does business, not bending the agency to how we think your operations should work. No other vendor on the market offers this level of support,” added Leloux.

About IntelliPay

Draper, Utah-based IntelliPay is an innovative SaaS company at the forefront of government payments combining no-cost payment options with patented chip-card processing technology. IntelliPay developed the Single Dip EMV technology starting with the input of thousands of local governments identifying process pain points of both staff and customers. This payment process not only speeds up payments by reducing in-office wait times; but is quick and easy to implement using the company’s flagship OneTerminal and Lightbox products whether the entity is a current client or not. For more information, visit


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