September 18, 2020 in Fee Based Models, Merchant Services Provider, Online Payment processing, Payment processing, PCI Compliance

What is a Merchant Services Provider?

A Merchant Services Provider is a company that handles credit card processing and provides services such as: Accepting customer payments by credit, debit, digital, and online payments allowing for a…
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September 15, 2020 in Cashless, COVID-19, Digital Transactions, Online Payment processing, Online Payments, Payment processing

The Cashless Dilemma

One of the most hotly debated topics of the past decade has been going cashless. However, the advent of COVID-19 has brought the need for contactless and cashless payments again…
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August 21, 2020 in Government Payment Processing, Interchange Fees, Online Payment processing, Payment processing

Upcoming Changes From VISA

Upcoming Changes From VISA Earlier this year Visa postponed the largest overhaul of its interchange structure in a decade. Most of the changes we expected in April will take effect…
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June 19, 2020 in COVID-19, Late Payments, Payment processing

Strategies You Can Use Today to Avoid Late Paying Customers

Dealing with late payments Everything about late payments is a nightmare; and for that reason, many business owners put off dealing with them until they absolutely need to. Now you…
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