January 17, 2020 in Debit, Debit Cards

What Smart Business Owners Know About Debit Cards

When a consumer runs their debit card in one of your terminals, are they being asked to sign their name or enter a PIN? The answer could have a significant…
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December 18, 2019 in Debit, Debit Cards

Debit Cards Are Now the Way to Pay

Debit Cards Replace Cash The idea of a cashless digital economy might have sounded absurd up until a couple of decades ago. Today,  however, it has become a reality. Data…
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December 9, 2019 in Chargebacks

Chargebacks and How to Avoid Them

What Causes Chargebacks and How to Avoid Them? If you sell products or services and accept credit or debit cards for payment, you must be conscious of chargebacks. While too…
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November 16, 2019 in EMV

Under the Hood with EMV Tokenization

EMV or EuroPay-Visa-MasterCard is a term that refers to standards that have been created to enhance the security of transactions made through credit and debit cards. EMV makes use of…
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