We are an Intelligent Payment Solutions Provider = Intellipay

One payment platform, multiple ways to cover processing fees and payment types

Why Intellipay?

We believe in PRICING and PROCESSING payments differently

Our flexible fee-based processing belief (Flexfee™) challenges the status quo by offering custom fee-based options for merchants to bridge the gap between entities not wanting to pay processing fees and customers wanting to use their credit cards.

By combining Traditional and Convenience Fee (Single MID) Solutions with Service and Site Fee (Two MID) Solutions, we can provide merchants with the lowest cost and even $0 cost processing solutions in the marketplace.

Multiple Processing Fee-Models to Support every Merchant

One payment platform, multiple ways to cover processing fees and payment types

Service Fee Processing

This is a two transaction (2 MID) model for all payment methods in the Government and Higher Education verticals. This is a $0 cost processing solution.

Convenience Fee Processing

A single transaction (1 MID) model for card not present and only transactions. A flat fee is added to the amount owed and the fee goes to the merchant.

Site & User Fee Processing

This is a two transaction (2 MID) model for most service and non-profit verticals. The fee is collected by Intellipay who uses the fee to pay for their service and processing charges.

Traditional Processing

A single transaction, cost based model for all entities that prefer to pay for all associated payment processing fees

We serve multiple industries. Please select from the list below to learn more.


Servicing all government entities. From small rural water districts to state and federal agencies, we've got you covered.


Delivering a zero-cost solution for tuition and school fee acceptance.


Providing patients with every payment method available without burdening your staff.


The cure for accelerating patient payments and self pays

Non Profit

The solution for increasing donations, without increasing costs


The complete solution for all insurance providers


Contact us regarding our $0 cost solution for online, over-the-phone, and custom payment schedules.


Enable members to make donations to PAC, member fees and other contributions with a combination of our $0 cost processing and traditional processing

Property Management

Offering a complete solution for rent and security deposit transactions.
  • EMV Compliant for both Traditional and Service Fee Accounts (one-dip, two transactions “patent pending” technology)
  • Google Cloud Hosting for robustness and redundancy
  • PCI Level 1 Certified for Optimum Security
  • Multi-location, Master Account with Aggregate Reporting for large, enterprise accounts
  • Non API Integration Methods that reduce your PCI Scope
  • Standard RESTful APIs for easy integrations* *We even support SOAP
  • Cross Platform Tokenization for Mobile Apps
  • Next Day Funding is available* so you can collect your revenue faster *On approved credit

Simple • Powerful • Secure

The modern design and usability of our applications enable anyone to create, manage, delete and control their own payment-processing platform from one centralized console.