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Welcome to IntelliPay

Merchants spend less on payments, and resellers and developers scale faster with our customized payment solutions.

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Simplify Payments,

Spend Less

Save hours with a single login to manage payment activity across departments, locations, and channels – in-person, online, and mobile.

Not a one-size fits all solution. Instead, IntelliPay is customizable with integration to your existing systems.

Our transparent pricing, reduced cost payment processing options, plus no junk fees, equal savings of up to 40% on processing payments.

Your payments are secure and reliable, hosted in the Google Cloud (Gmail, YouTube), protected by industry-leading security, and scalable as your demand increases.

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Improve Margins

Payment processing fees are higher on rewards cards, especially premium rewards cards used online. Your margins pay for your customers’ payment choices and perks.

That isn’t fair. Our fee-based payment options re-coup payment processing costs when customers pay with higher-cost reward cards.

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Why IntelliPay

All-in-One Suite

IntelliPay’s all-in-one payment suite eliminates multiple vendor platforms and manual processes, making managing and controlling multiple payment channels easy.

Complete Control

Detailed reporting simplifies payment management and accounting for one location or many. Admin controls who view reports, process payments, and issue refunds.

Reduce Costs

Our service fee, convenience fee, and surcharge options pass processing fees to customers or absorb the swipe fees at low, competitive rates.

Secure Payments

All payments processed through our PCI DSS Level 1 network and gateway are protected in transit and at rest with tokenization and P2PE encryption. 

Want to learn all that IntelliPay can do for you?

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We serve multiple industries. Please select from the list below to learn more.

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Payment Upgrade

We quickly add payments to existing pages or can replace what you already have with a single solution. Schedule a demo to learn more.

Need a custom solution?

Need a reduced-cost payment solution, integration with proprietary software, or help with a unique business model? We can help.

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