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Local Government

Single payment solution for local governments

Accept in-person and digital payments from taxes and court fees to permits and school fees on a single platform. Our easy-to-add standalone and integrated digital payment solutions are tailored to local governments.

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State in the Cloud

One platform, price structure, and vendor. Simplify payments and vendor management and lower overall processing costs without sacrificing customization for individual agencies.

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County in the Cloud

Counties can offer citizens more ways to pay, speeding revenues while reducing time spent managing payments. Our payment options work on any web page or as an upgrade to your current solution.

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City in the Cloud

Our government payment solutions move payments online and reduce dependence on scarce IT resources and time spent with payments, saving time and protecting your budget.

Exactly What You Need

Some agencies want citizens to pay for the processing costs. Other agencies need to accept every payment type or want to limit the purchase time. Still, others need to accept cash digitally to support financial inclusion.

More than logos and colors, IntelliPay allows agencies to set their terms and conditions, choose payment types, absorb the costs or pass along the costs using service/convenience fees, or manage the options their staff can offer. In short, you get exactly what your agency needs and your customers expect.

Sound interesting? Let’s talk.

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Less Frustration for All

Recent research found that almost 40% of consumers couldn’t complete paying their bills due to frustration with a complicated online payment processing process.

Our single payment screen is laid out like a physical credit card, is intuitive, and eliminates citizen frustration in making government payments. Less citizen frustration equals more online payments and less work for agency staff.

Also, ask about our single payment screen payment solution for third parties making multiple property tax payments.

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Fewer Missed or Late Payments

When asked in a survey about late payments, citizens 40 and under responded, “it was hard to remember due dates. ”Most people surveyed also said a reminder would help them avoid paying late. Our OneLink option lets agencies send secure “pay now” links via SMS (text) and email, reducing the time spent chasing late or missed payments.

Server room with cut-out of clouds- City, state, county in the cloud

Reduced PCI Compliance

Since every credit and debit card, ACH, echeck, and eCash payment is made on our secure PCI DSS Level 1 EMV compliant network, your and your citizen’s confidential data is protected.

And, your agency is out of PCI DSS scope, freeing agency staff to work on other essential tasks.

Image of circuit board with a lock - suggesting security for government payments

Single Platform & Integration

IntelliPay integrates with your back-end systems to provide real-time transaction data. Citizens and staff see transactions and account balances updated as each sales is completed.

This eliminates manual processes and over-payments and reduces the number of refunds and voids. Master and sub-accounts sync and roll-up into summary reports simplifying accounting and reconciliation.

Monitor screen with IntelliPay computer code displayed. IntelliPay integrated with existing government systems simplifying payments.

No Processing Cost Solution

Visa’s Government and Higher Education Payment Program and Mastercard’s convenience fee program deliver no-cost government payment processing for a limited range of government entities.

IntelliPay offers governments no-cost to biller options in addition to the Visa and Mastercard programs for a true no processing cost payment solution.

Government payments-making a mobile government payment

Payments Simplification

IntelliPay is a powerful all-in-one payment processing suite that handles diverse government agency requirements. Each agency instance is customized to that agency’s needs and brand. Eliminate the need for multiple platforms and vendors, complicated integrations, multiple log-ins, and more -simplifying payment eco-system maintenance and management.

Government payments-developer working on payment processing suite code

What webring to the table:

Online Payments

Mobile Payments

IVR Payments

Email Payments

In-Person Payments

Recurring Payments

ACH/eCheck Payments

Text Payments

System Integrations

No-Cost Options



Peace of Mind

Hosted in the Google Cloud, we deliver the unparalleled security, reliability and scalability you need from a payment platform. Add in easy management plus a long list of features for a total solution.

  • In-person, remote, and online payments
  • Split funding
  • Parent/child hierarchal management and reporting
  • Custom and customizable reporting
  • Standardize data and file formatting
  • Modular architecture – add in features as needed
  • U.S. Based support and engineering
  • Ecash financial inclusion option
  • Single sign-on reduces complexity, enhances security
IntelliPay customer portal screenshot 11-3-20

Take the next step

A streamlined, easy-to-use and manage payment eco-system is the future. Let us talk about how you get there.

Our government payment processing experts will customize a demo that allows your agencies to collect more revenue faster with increased staff productivity, less maintenance, and higher levels of citizen engagement.

True payment processing solutions

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