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Streamlining state government payments

Exceed citizens’ payment expectations and agency needs for e-payment adoption and process efficiency with IntelliPay’s government payment processing suite. For over a decade, we have provided state governments and their constituents with secure, innovative payment options. Integrations and customizations enable agencies to collect more revenue and streamline payment operations.

What webring to the table:

Enterprise Solution

Single platform across agencies provides unparalleled access control, reporting, and security


The state-of-the-art digital platform replaces dated systems with secure, user-friendly options driving adoption


Integration with back-end systems and tailored solutions that go beyond payments to solve operational challenges

Tangible benefits

Seamless Experience

User-friendly e-payment experiences across payment channels drive digital adoption, reducing in-person payments

Payment Inclusion

Collect more, include more citizens. Payments with credit and debit cards, eChecks, and online payments with cash


Autoscaling technology delivers perpetual front-end processing bandwidth regardless of demand

Reduced PCI burden

PCI DSS Level 1 and EMV compliant. All transactions on our network/gateway, reducing security & PCI burdens

Real-time data

Proprietary technology plus integration with existing systems provides up-to-date data for citizens and staff and simplifies accounting

Service and support

Single point of contact plus U.S. based support by phone, email, and chat quickly resolve any challenges


We integrate with existing systems and create solutions that overcome operational challenges for a fully optimized custom solution.

Our turnkey options for property tax, licensing, fee, and fine collection can be configured and launched quickly, speed up revenue, and eliminate costly, time-consuming in-house development.

We integrated legacy POS, online licensing, and retail operations for one agency. In addition, functionality appearance, among other requirements, was built into the solution, significantly streamlining operations and improving citizen engagement

Some of the agencies we created solutions for:






Child & Family Services

Health & Human Services



New level in citizen self-service

Our intuitive citizen portals drive e-payment adoption. Reducing in-person payments, manual processes, paper records, staffing requirements, and the associated risks to staff and citizens.  

Plus, our portals are customizable and brandable to agency requirements and integrated into existing systems developed in-house or third-party.

IntelliPay customer portal screenshot 11-3-20

Reliable, Scalable

Hosted in the Google Cloud in data centers across the U.S. and leveraging Google’s robust “Autoscaling” technology, we provide our clients with perpetual front-end processing bandwidth, 99.999% SLA uptime, and platform reliability.

Since 2004, the IntelliPay payment suite has been the front-end processing solution for thousands of government, education, private sector, and financial institutions.

Server room with cut-out of clouds- City, state, county in the cloud

No Cost Solution

Visa’s Government and Higher Education Payment Program and Mastercard’s convenience fee program deliver no-cost government payment processing for a limited range of government entities.

IntelliPay offers governments no-cost to biller options in addition to the Visa and Mastercard programs for a true no processing cost payment solution.

Government payments-making a mobile government payment

Modernization without complexity

Payment options continue to evolve, and cyber-security is a growing challenge. By continually adding new ways to pay and employing state-of-the-art security technologies and practices, States have private-sector payment options without the operational and management complexity of legacy patchwork systems

Take the next step

A secure, streamlined, easy-to-manage payment eco-system is the future. Let us talk about how you get there.

Our government payment experts will customize a demo that allows your agencies to collect more revenue faster with increased staff productivity, less maintenance, and higher levels of citizen engagement.

True payment processing solutions

IntelliPay’s State in the CloudTM platform enables City and municipal governments to accept secure online payment processing of credit and debit cards, ACH/EFT/eCheck (check by phone), and electronic payment services. Our State in the Cloud platform supports Point of Sale (POS), website (online), mobile, text, recurring, and auto payments. As part of our payment processing services, we provide payment authorizations, payment voids, and credits, collect credit card data, post-real-time transactions and issue receipts to the payer. For example, our Online Payment Page (OPP) is one secure way IntelliPay enables online payments. Our client’s website links to the client’s OPP on our secure PCI DSS Level 1 network for the transaction. Upon transaction completion, the payer is issued a receipt by email and is returned to the client’s website.