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Having a business of your own can be stressful as you’re managing a variety of tasks day to day. The last thing you need to worry about is limited and costly payment options that inhibit your business’s growth. At IntelliPay, we provide you with no-cost payment solutions that you’ll need to drive more sales, customers, and overall quicker business growth.


One of the many ways we solve payment issues for business is through our eCash option. Millions of people do not have access to a credit card or bank account or prefer to pay in cash.

eCash is bridging the gap for customers looking for a more secure cash payment solution at checkout. The process is simple. The customer chooses eCash at checkout, saves the barcode, and completes the payment at one of 60,000 locations nationwide.

As a result, funds are deposited in the merchant business bank accounts like card payments, and their customers have the convenience and peace of mind that comes with eCash.


While merchants keep an eye on interchange fees, the total costs merchants pay to accept card payments go far beyond interchange fees and assessments. At IntelliPay, we help merchants eliminate unnecessary fees, like gateway fees, to keep more of every sale, improving profitability.

Processing Fees

Your business needs funding for your business to succeed and grow. Unfortunately, the 1.8 percent to 3 percent or more you are paying on card payments eats into those needed funds. That’s where we can help. We offer merchants a variety of no-fee or reduced-cost payment options customized to your market and business.


Our top-priority is providing custom payment solutions for any business type. Regardless of your customer and business needs, IntelliPay’s secure payment processing and management suite can be customized to your desired payment acceptance method.

IntelliPay provides your business with the best no-cost payment solutions that will allow for quicker growth and success. We help retailers, software platforms, governments, and more. Contact our sales team today!