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When was the last time you used a check or mailed in a payment?   If you asked almost anyone you know, the answer would probably something like it has been so long I can’t remember.

Your friends, neighbors, and those who reside in your area want the convenience of paying electronically. According to a payments study done in 2018, 73% of people surveyed had made three or more payments online in the last twelve months, and the number is growing double digits every year.

It is Easy to Get Started with Electronic Payment Processing

Today it easier than ever for your department, agency, or government to safely, securely, and efficiently accept payments online, over-the-phone, and in-person with a single platform.   Robust API’s make linking to your existing back-end systems easy.   Adding a customized payment page to your website is a breeze.  Integration with any number of leading payment processors is a snap with the right platform and technology.  PCI DSS Level 1 security and EMV make payments secure for your constituents.

Omni-channel Payment Acceptance for Types of Government Payments

Whether you are collecting payments for probation oversight, restitution, electronic monitoring costs, traffic, and criminal fines, towing and impound fees, records fees, publicly administered child support, property tax, motor vehicle fees, and assessment payments, or payment acceptance needs that vary by department, we have a no processing cost for each of these situations.

No Processing Cost Solution for Your Department or Agency

Government payment processing companies with expertise in Service Fee programs can offer your department or agency a truly no-cost solution. Service fees charged to cardholders in compliance with card brand rules eliminate processing costs.  The cardholder sees the charges upfront before the transaction is complete.  A cutting-edge, fully integrated payment platform handles all those tasks automatically, often streamlining operations while eliminating processing costs.

Complete Control

Some government payment processing solutions require multiple vendors’ products integrated, which can be complicated and challenging to maintain.  Sometimes, the software may need to loaded or custom code written.  The better option is a fully integrated, cloud-based intelligent processing platform that handles acceptance, transaction processing, and reporting.  Parent-child hierarchical management gives complete control over the payment options available by location, while detailed reporting enables you to see every part of your payments eco-system.

Built to Your Needs – Today and Tomorrow

The best platforms have options that can be used stand-alone, semi-integrated, or fully integrated, depending on your need or use case. So, if you have a single need today, the best platforms can meet that need, and allow for additional solutions to be added in the future without the need to replace or change the software. The flexibility and performance of these smart platforms bring customizable features to any size agency, department, or government.


While the name IntelliPay might be new to you, the GovTeller name may not be.  For over the past 15 years, we have been providing secure government payment processing to governments, agencies, and departments of all sizes across the U.S.  Over the years, the GovTeller platform has expanded and evolved to offer brilliant payment processing on a single cloud-based platform.  In June 2019, we changed the GovTeller name to IntelliPay to reflect government smart payment processing capabilities of the platform.

To understand all the benefits that IntelliPay can provide your agency, we invite you to talk with one of government payment experts by calling 855-872-6632 x 132 or