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Credit Card Terminals

How it works

We support Verifone’s Engage and Dejavoo ‘s QD terminals for ease of use and scalability. From single to multiple locations, terminal “nicknames” make tracking location activity easy. Processing on our secure PCI network takes payments out of PCI audit scope. Voids and refunds can be handled at the terminal or with other terminal management/reporting functions in our cloud-based payment suite. 

Why theCustomer Portal?

  • Integrated and encrypted with the IntelliPay suite 

  • Remote cloud-based terminal management 

  • Ideal for multiple location environments 

  • Remote updates 

Quick Facts


Dip, Swipe, and EMV compatible 


Cloud-based console management 


Remote updates 


Supports single dip EMV transactions 

Use Cases

Enterprises requiring in-person (card-present) and remote multiple location management and control.