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Augusta Reader EMV Plugin and Driver

The IntelliPay browser plugin for the Augusta reader will enable you to accept EMV payments in your virtual terminal. The plugin requires two software components, the browser plugin, and a driver to enable communication with your EMV reader. Only Google Chrome running on Microsoft Windows 10 is currently supported.

The latest version has fixes for corrupted USB device names – so they don’t crash the driver. It also has updates for notifying the browser as to device state to better track if the device is unplugged.

  Browser plugin is NOT installed. The plugin is available from the Chrome Web Store. Please install this before installing the driver.

  Browser plugin is installed and functioning. The plugin is available from the Chrome Web Store.

  System driver is NOT installed. After installing the plugin please download and install. If after installing the driver this message still shows then you are required to completely close and restart your browser.

  System driver is installed and functioning. The most recent version is available for download.


  No compatible USB device found. Please plug in compatible USB EMV reader.

If all components have a green  then you are ready to process EMV.