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Payment Wizard Terminal

How it works

The payment wizard is a shopping cart and catalog in one. Individual items are added and priced; when selected, they are added to the shopping cart for easy checkout – online store capabilities without needing an e-commerce solution. Easily added to any web page with a custom link. 

Why use ourPayment Wizard?

  • E-commerce catalog and cart 
  • Quickly and easily added with a simple website link 
  • Acts as a registration portal 
  • Customizable and brandable 
  • Cloud-based reporting on a line-by-line basis 

Quick Facts


Online store and checkout capabilities without the need for a customized ecommerce solution. 


Payers submit payments without appearing to leave the site 


Easy to implement and use 

Use Cases

If a parent needs to register multiple children for school, the parent can use the Payment Wizard to pay for all of her children’s registrations and fees in one visit. Another use case scenario will be for Government entities that may have residents that want to pay their utility bills and their traffic ticket in one online visit.