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OneTax Portal

How it works

The OneTax portal makes it easy for property owners to find their properties and pay their property taxes online. Whether a single property or dozens, property owners click on properties, add them to the cart for checkout and payment, and are done in minutes. Eliminating the need to search and pay for each property individually.

Online payments made through OneTax reduce late or missed payments, improving cash flow and time-consuming follow-up. In addition, OneTax also reduces costs and reliance on printed statements, mailed payments, and paper checks.

Why use ourOneTax?

  • Upload tax file via SFTP 
  • Display amounts including discounts and late fees 
  • Make one or multiple payments in one visit 
  • Display unpaid items from previous years 
  • Allow customers to pay “past-due” tax bills 

Quick Facts


Property owners search and pay taxes for single or multiple properties 


Customizable to state tax statues 


Integrates with tax software 

Use Cases

State/County/City property tax collection