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One App (Integrated Mobile Payments)

How it works

Our one app adds payments to any app, saving the developer time and the costs of certifying and adding payment acceptance.

WhyMobile app in an app?

  • Creates a seamless, branded payment experience 
  • Adds payments to their app easily and compliantly 
  • Avoids the time and expense required to develop a payment processing solution 
  • Puts transactions on our network, placing PCI compliance out of scope 

Quick Facts


Adds payment functionality to an existing app 


Customizable and brandable 


Connects to our PCI network, reducing compliance risk 

Use Cases

Integrated with proprietary software and used in a mobile setting and where payments need to be accepted (such as: event admissions, registration fee payment, acceptance, fine, and other usage fee payments). Ideal for private and public sector applications.