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Merchant Solutions

Simplify Payments, Pay Less

IntelliPay’s payment suite simplifies payments and helps reduce overall processing costs. Our admin console makes adding users, features, and payment options easy. While fee-based options, where customers pay processing fees, reduce processing costs!

Various devices and UI screens

IntelliPay Payment Processing

Virtual Terminals

Browser based EMV for in-person and over-the-phone payments

Online Payment Page

Add to any website and customize for secure checkouts and donations

Customer Portals

Cross device compatibility with built-in wallet and multi-invoice payment capabilities

Lightbox Modal

Pop-up modals that allow secure payments from existing invoice pages

Text to Pay/Email Payments

Create and securely send on-demand payment link with custom messages

Mobile App

iOS and Android app makes accepting payments in the wherever you go easy

Batch Processing

Process many transactions and securely upload payment data all at one time

Reduced Cost Options

Add to any website and customize for secure checkouts and donations

Robust Reporting

Detailed reports simplify reconciliations and payment management

Custom Fields

Fields can be customized to the way you do business

Recurring Payments & Auto Pay

Increase efficiency and reduce late payments with automated billing

Safe & Secure

Tokenization, encryption and other secure technologies safeguard sensitive payment data<


Our development team has created powerful, easy-to-use APIs so you won’t spend months integrating payments into your environment.

Prebuilt integrations

Use integrations for QuickBooks Online, Woo Commerce and Auth.NET emulator to connect third- party shopping carts or CRMs.

IntelliPay's no-cost and reduced cost payment pr


Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover charge mandatory, non-negotiable interchange fees to manage the risk involved in a transaction. 

Riskier online transactions completed with rewards credit cards have the highest fees, usually about 2X the cost of debit cards. But there are ways to minimize or eliminate fees and save your margins.

IntelliPay offers:

  • Interchange plus pricing 
  • Auto-filled Level 2 and 3 data
  • The customer pays the processing costs (fee-based options)
  • No junk fees
Various devices and UI screens

Fee-Based Options

Charging a customer a fee for using a high-cost credit card is not illegal or unethical. 

Customers choose a rewards card to get the travel perks or cash back at your expense.  Which is not fair!

Level the playing field with 100% compliant fee-based options that reduce a merchant’s processing costs.

IntelliPay's no-cost and reduced cost payment pr