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Lightbox - Store Only Mode

How it works

Lightbox – Store Only Mode’s simple credit card-like interface makes it easy to edit or add payment data (without making a payment) and schedule future payments. Lightbox autopay uses secure tokens to automate future/pre-dated payment processing and protect sensitive data.sensitive data. 

WhyLightbox - Store Only Mode?

  • Add payment information for customers easily 
  • Secure tokens returned for future data payments 
  • Add or edit payment methods without making a payment 
  • Report all payments in centralized, real-time 
  • Provide sample code and documentation for easy integration 

Quick Facts


Lightbox – Store Only Mode is a payment form that floats over existing web pages or applications


Enables customers to register a payment method (card or ACH)


Provides a token you can store for future payments

Use Cases

Organizations that need a way to enroll customers in a program or for an event with future or pre-dated payments. 

Companies that need a way for customers to add or update payment information without processing a transaction.