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Card Present – Point of Service
  • One Terminal
  • Credit Card Terminal
  • Mobile Apps
Recurring Payments
  • Virtual One Terminal
  • API Tokens
Mobile Payments
  • Mobile App
    • iOS
    • Android
Batch Processing
  • Manual File Upload
  • Automated via SFTP
Online Payments
  • Online Payment Page
  • Customer Portal
  • OneLink
  • Lightbox Terminals
  • Donation Terminal
  • eCash
  • One Terminal
  • P2PE Terminal (Bluefin)
  • IVR Solutions
    • RESTful Apps
    • SOAP
    • Lightbox Terminal
    • Token iFrames
    • Hosted Web Forms
      • Card Not Present
      • Card Present
Payment methods include
Credit & Debit Cards, ACH, eCheck, eCash, RDC, and Digital Wallets

Hosted Web Form/Online Payment Page

Online payments grow your business, speed payments, and improve customer satisfaction. Now, your business can accept online payments simply and securely.

Hosted on our network, IntelliPay can add an online payment page to any website quickly and keep transactions off your systems, reducing your PCI audit scope.

Easily integrate with existing systems to simplify your accounting and operations while optional user-paid fees reduce your processing costs.


  • Brandable and configurable with custom data fields
  • Convenient payments – Credit card, debit card, eCheck, and recurring payments
  • PCI audit scope reduction – Hosted on our systems
  • Cost-effective and fast implementation
IntelliPay online payment page

Let’s talk about how our fully-hosted payment page can help you collect payments 24/7/365 from any device, anywhere.

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IntelliPay new customer portal

Customer Portal

Give your customers want they want: let them pay their invoices safely and securely online. Customers will love the intuitive interface and convenience IntelliPay offers. They can register or pay as a guest, set up auto-pay, and view payment history. The integration with existing payment systems simplifies your accounting and operations.


Portal functionality includes:

  • Customer-facing, customizable hosted portal
  • Paying invoices (text to pay, e-invoicing, or automated)
  • PCI Audit Scope Reduction – We host on our servers
  • Convenient payments – Credit, debit, eCheck, guest and recurring payments
  • Cost-effective and fast implementation

To learn more about this customer-friendly, easy-to-use, and integrated payment solution, talk to a IntelliPay consultant today!

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Let’s talk about all the lightbox can do for you

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Lightbox Modals

The Lightbox Terminals are pop-up modals that present your application’s look and feel while allowing the customer to enter or process their debit or credit card information into lntelliPay’s 100% PCI compliant, highly secure payment suite.

There are three lightbox terminal types:

  1. Card Present – EMV terminal for in-person transactions 
  2. Card Not Present – for online transactions
  3. Store Mode – for registering cards/bank accounts without processing a payment

By offering Card Present (EMV), Card Not Present, and Store Mode terminals, your application can accept all types of payments with the confidence of receiving the appropriate interchange fees, chargeback protection, and PAN (Personal Account Numbers) encryption.


  • Customized modal appearance

  • EMV, swipe & online payment options

  • Accept credit & debit cards and eChecks (ACH)

  • API/Plug-n-Play integration

  • Centralized, real-time reporting for all payments

  • Fully hosted, reduces PCI audit scope

One Link Text-to-Pay and Email Payments

Our OneLink portal creates and securely sends on-demand “pay now” links with customized messages and attachments via email and text message. OneLink eliminates invoice costs and reduces late payments and time spent chasing customers while increasing security against fraud.

OneLink is quick to set up and easy to use and manage from the IntelliPay platform.


• Works on all web-browsing devices – Smartphones, tablets, laptops, or computers
• Eliminates paper records with card data, reduces fraud risk
• Faster payments – Pay Now links make it safe and easy to pay instantly
• Personalize the message to individuals
• Works with your current merchant account
• 100% cloud-hosted – No hardware or software to install
• Integration options – Standalone or API
• Secure. 100% PCI DSS Level 1 compliant

Learn how OneLink can speed up your payments.

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How it Works

OneLink How it works graphic

Mobile Application

Turns any smartphone into a payment terminal. Available for iOS and Android, the mobile app makes payment acceptance a breeze anywhere while tracking who entered the payments using a username and password. Robust, real-time reporting in the payment suite.


  • Accept payments at any time
  • Pay via smartphone or tablet
  • Accept credit & debit cards and ACH
  • Single or recurring payments
  • Secured PCI-certified systems
  • Complete support for tokenization
  • Fast & convenient

Virtual One Terminals

Need to accelerate your receivables? Our virtual One Terminal enables your customer service reps to take ACH and Credit/Debit Cards in real-time, reducing late and delinquent payments. In addition to one-time payments, this terminal allows you to set up recurring or custom payment plans for customers that owe large balances or want to make automatic payments.


  • EMV, swiped, or hand-keyed transactions
  • Supports unlimited users
  • Cash payment tracking
  • Automated email receipts
One Terminal EMV screenshot

Virtual terminals are another IntelliPay contactless payment option to safeguard your employees and business. Please talk with a consultant about getting started with virtual terminals today!

IntelliPay eCash how it works

Accept payments from everyone! eCash enables payments for people who don’t have credit cards or bank accounts. Please talk with a consultant about getting started with eCash today!

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In today’s tough times, not everyone has a credit card or bank account. And those who do might not want to disclose their sensitive financial data online. Yet, everybody has access to cash. IntelliPay has reacted to the needs of its customers and expanded its technology making it possible to also pay with cash online. Now your organization can accept credit/debit cards, ACH, and also eCash payments so everybody gets access to online payments.

  • Securely accept cash online
  • Easy to install & use
  • Fully-hosted, web-based solution
  • Integrated with IntelliPay Payment Suite

In-Person - Card Terminals

We understand that some of our merchants will need to accept payments in person without a computer or workstation. For you, we offer our line of integrated credit card machines from leading manufacturers. Please talk to sales for a current list of integrations.

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IVR Solutions

IVRs give consumers a contactless, self-serve way to pay while reducing late and delinquent payments. In the past, IVRs were cumbersome and expensive. IntelliPay’s IVR solution is easy to set up and use and steps up from basic pay-by-phone functionality to a fully integrated solution with transactions recorded in real-time.

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