About IntelliPay

We're IP Payment Specialists.

IntelliPay™, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of trusted, proprietary, high-quality transaction processing and payment products for all businesses.

We're focused on quality, reliability and innovation. With payment systems and payment alternatives evolving to suit the new electronic economy, IntelliPay™ is dedicated to bringing our clients the most cutting-edge technology available while maintaining our commitment to stay economical for our merchants.

Businesses of all sizes need, among many other things, flexible payment technologies with specialty features and services. Not only do we offer some compelling technological advantages, we also provide personal care for the unique needs of our merchant customers.

Service, speed, reliability and security are leading reasons why merchants choose IntelliPay™. We know that providing consistent 24-hour-a-day processing is a requirement that each one of our merchants have. The ability to accept payments from customers ­ quickly, easily, anytime and anywhere.

Let us help you meet the financial goals of your Internet business. We specialize in providing online, secure and real-time payment processing services for thousands of businesses of all sizes. With IntelliPay™, you get point-of-sale professionals who care about your income tools. You get tech support that actually supports and a proven system tested under strict banking network procedures.

You get the experience that only comes from supporting the most active merchant sites today. Our services are affordable and easy to use. Our sales professionals can even help you get approved for a merchant account if needed.

IntelliPay™ is a registered with Visa® and MasterCard® and is deemed compliant under the CISP requirements as set forth by Visa and SDP by MasterCard