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Customer Portal

How it works

The customer portal lets users view and pay single or multiple bills using a shopping cart-like interface on any website. Users can access the portal from any device to pay as a guest or register to set up auto-pay, use a digital wallet, and view payment history. Robust reporting through our payment suite or via API in your host application makes managing payments painless.

Why theCustomer Portal?

  • Quickly add payments to any page or application 
  • Customizable and brandable 
  • Available in standalone or integrated versions 
  • Centralized, real-time reporting for all payments 
  • Fully hosted for reduced PCI audit scope 
  • Documentation for easy integration 

Quick Facts


Customer portal’s familiar cart interface supports multiple bill payments and digital wallets 


Connects to host applications through API or SFTP import/export 


Fully hosted solution 

Use Cases

Existing website needs a full-service invoice presentment and checkout option that accepts one-time, account-based and recurring payments.