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Preferred Partner – IntelliPay DeskManager Integrated Payment Processing


Reduce Fees

Increase Profits

Eliminate Credit Card Fees with Surcharging

If 30 -50% of your sales are on credit cards, we can eliminate those costs from your statements.

IntelliPay is the only DeskManager payment integration with a 100% compliant surcharge program to eliminate credit card fees.

Credit card processing costs with IntelliPay’s Surcharge Program*

How It Works

IntelliPay’s the only AutoManager integrated payment solution that shifts the processing costs from the dealer to the customer.

IntelliPay automatically detects credit cards and adds up to a 3% fee* to the transaction to recoup processing costs.

Pay Less in Fees

Customers can pay the fee or choose a lower-cost option like debit cards or ACH/eCheck. You pay for processing on debit and ACH/echeck transactions and less in fees overall.

Integration Benefits

Our technology enables dealers to:

  • Reconcile their bank statements
  • Have the right amount applied to the balance owed
  • Easily calculate the extra funds they received to apply to their credit card statements
Various devices and UI screens

Our Approach

Wait There’s More

  • Support for all payment types – including EMV, debit and ACH/eCheck
  • API integrated terminal
  • Competitive rates for traditional processing
  • U.S. based customer support
Various devices and UI screens
Various devices and UI screens

Don’t want Surcharging? Send us a statement for a free analysis
and see if we can save you money on traditional processing.

Ready to Get Started? 

If you have questions or want to get started with surcharging, our team stands ready to help.

Philip Buck
SVP, Sales

Victora Run
Sales Manager
855-872-6632 x 105