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IntelliPay™ Acceptable Use & Copyright Policies

IntelliPay™, Inc., and it’s payment processing products and services provide businesses with the ability to accept secure, real-time payment requests from their customers and receive real-time authorizations from such requests, along with other related products and service functions. We provide these systems via our various high-speed, secure data centers across the Internet.

The Acceptable Use Policies below are intended to provide the maximum amount of capabilities and freedom for IntelliPay™ customers in their use and implementation of payment systems in their businesses. Additionally, these policies attempt to provide certain protections to our customers, and their customers, while maintaining the security and integrity of our systems and the Internet in general, while allowing us to meet our business goals.

This Acceptable Use Policy applies to:

IntelliPay™ merchant customer’s use of our web site(s), technologies, products, and services; IntelliPay™ Partners, Alliances, Resellers, Referral Partners, Vendors, and other relationships; Anyone viewing or using our IntelliPay™.Com web site. These policies extend our merchant’s IntelliPay™ account contracts and agreements.

All content included in IntelliPay™’s web site(s), such as text, graphics, images, buttons, menus, icons, downloadable data and documents, software and URL’s is the property of IntelliPay™, Inc. or it’s content suppliers. All content is protected by the U.S. and international copyright laws. The compilation of all content is the exclusive property of IntelliPay™, Inc. and is likewise protected by United States and international copyright laws. Any content extracted from and attributed to another source is the property of that source and is also protected.

No content from IntelliPay™’s web site or other published materials may be duplicated, reproduced in any form, extracted or otherwise used, by any person or entity, without express written permission of IntelliPay™, Inc.

IntelliPay™ and other marks indicated on our site, and in our publications, are the trademarks of IntelliPay™, Inc. Other IntelliPay™ marks including logos, graphics, page headers, scripts and product or service names are trademarks or trade dress of IntelliPay™, Inc. and may not be used in connection with any product, service, business or person that is not IntelliPay™’s, in any manner that may confuse customers or viewers as to ownership or identity of the displaying entity. In no case may the marks or works of IntelliPay™, Inc. be used in any manner without express written permission of IntelliPay™, Inc.

No license to use our marks or works is implied by any contract, agreement or other instrument unless it contains specific permissions.

All other trademarks not owned by IntelliPay™, Inc. or its subsidiaries or related companies that appear on this site, or in our publications, are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by IntelliPay™.

For IntelliPay™ Business Customers Using Our Products
Your IntelliPay™ Merchant Agreement and License contain specific data regarding your use of our technologies, systems, products, and services. It is important that you read and understand the contents of that document, as well as make any appropriate staff aware of its relevant contents.

Due to the continuing evolution of doing business through networked and internetworked systems, this Acceptable Use Policy extends your IntelliPay™ Merchant Agreement and License. As we all learn more about networked e-commerce needs, user behaviors and various risks, this Policy may be extended or changed from time to time.

Nothing in this document releases you from the contents or responsibilities contained in your IntelliPay™ contract.

This document serves to update that agreement on some issues as well as to make broadly known some of our Policies as they relate to our system and your use of it.

The Internet has provided new frontiers in many areas, not the least of which is the business arena. While providing new and exciting ways of doing business, streamlining business processes and enhancing profitability, all this new freedom and creativity has led many to explore inventive and sometimes untried methods of marketing and delivery. As with all new frontiers, lessons are learned and applied so that more expansion and participation can occur. Some of these lessons are addressed here.

IntelliPay™ is a provider of various products and services to many Internet merchants. We are a citizen of the Internet as are most of our valued merchant customers. Over the years, various behaviors of Internet participants have been identified as unwelcome, bad, or illegal. Many of these create various risks for both merchants and IntelliPay™. IntelliPay™ works hard to be a good Internet citizen. These policies are geared to help protect both our merchants and ourselves.

Internet Abuses
Various internet abuses may be possible by merchants. Some examples are but are not limited to …

E-Mail Spam: sending any kind of unsolicited or unwelcome e-mail to a large number of internet users; Posting Spam: posting one or more off-topic or otherwise unwelcome articles, to one or many Usenet newsgroups, internet mailing lists, web site discussion areas or web site classifieds areas.

Some merchants may be tempted to send out E-Mail or Posting Spam containing a link to IntelliPay™ Payment Pages in an attempt to directly sell from their e-mail solicitation. Since Spam is, by definition, unwanted and usually the mailings are huge, this can expose IntelliPay™ to being filtered from some ISP’s or other companies, simply because our payment URL is contained in the email.

Causing IntelliPay™ or it’s URL’s, e-mail or other communications to be filtered from any system hurts all IntelliPay™ merchants and their customers.

Such behavior is forbidden.

E-Mail marketing is a well known and well-used technique. It is not our intention to limit your ability to use such marketing actions. However, behaviors described above that place IntelliPay™ and our merchant customers at risk are not authorized or allowed by IntelliPay™.

There are other ways to achieve the same or similar results from your e-mail marketing. For instance, your e-mail can link to an application on your servers that communicates with IntelliPay™ in the background, or forwards the buyer to our Payment Page. With this method, the IntelliPay™ URL is not present in your e-mail. The various methods of linking a buyer and his data to IntelliPay™ are described fully in our documentation.

How IntelliPay™ Responds to You if Your IntelliPay™ Account is Reported as Connected with Network Abuses:

Generally, we will attempt to contact you immediately via phone. If we can’t reach you we’ll send you an e-mail detailing the report and our concerns.

You must respond to us immediately to go over the situation. If we judge that the report was an isolated incident or otherwise not a broad problem, we may simply ignore it. However, if even an isolated incident represents a problem we may ask you to contact the reporter to work out a resolution.

However, in many circumstances, we may insist that you cease the behavior that caused the report(s) and that you contact the various systems or agencies that reported the problem to us to help clear up the issues. Our relationships with all Internet-connected systems are of paramount importance to us, our business customers, and their clients.

If you do not respond to our attempts to contact you, or if you do not cease the offending behavior, we may immediately discontinue your processing capabilities until a resolution is reached.

In some cases, depending on the severity of the problem, we may disable your account immediately and then try to contact you.

If we disconnect or disable your account, certain reconnect fees will apply.

Our actions in these matters are generally governed by the need to protect our relationships with other systems, our merchant customers, and their clients.

Additionally, any of the following acts are considered outside the bounds of our Acceptable Use Policy:

  • Obsessive “testing” of IntelliPay™
  • Obsessive repeated connections via LinkSmart or other linking technologies to query the system
  • Illegal acts including, but not limited to:
    • Sales of illegal products including pornography
    • Conducting fraudulent scams and/or collecting money for such
    • Using IntelliPay™ while fraudulently representing products or services
    • Using IntelliPay™ to harm persons or businesses in any way
    • Entering fraudulent transactions (authorizations or credits)
    • Processing transactions for any other business than your own
    • Attempting to enable more than one business via a single IntelliPay™ account without contractual permission
  • Attempting to break or “hack” our systems or security
  • Developing transaction systems that force an “always open” socket to us without specific permission thereby absorbing our bandwidth
  • Using IntelliPay™ marks or works illegally and/or without permission
  • Violating IntelliPay™’s list of unacceptable content that we won’t support
  • Attempting to masquerade as an IntelliPay™ merchant or another merchant, to illegally access account information or other components

While this document attempts to define many examples of violations, it cannot define all that is possible. IntelliPay™ reserves the right to determine specific violations as they arise, and we will attempt to update this Acceptable Use Policy from time to time.

Thank You.