View Some of Our Technology Partners Here

IntelliPay™ has many fine partners from many industries. IntelliPay™ merchant customers needing an ecommerce product or service not provided by IntelliPay™ should view our partner pages for ideas and resources, or contact us for referrals to IntelliPay™ partners that may have what you need.

View Compatible 3rd Party Products Here

There are companies with many interesting products, code modules and services that have integrated IntelliPay™ products and/or services into their offerrings.

Become a Partner

IntelliPay™ welcomes partnerships and alliances of various types including technical relationships, value added resellers, contracted referral sources, ecommerce product and service providers and various ecommerce vendors such as banks, Independent Sales Organizations and others.

Our partnerships are focused on identifying and developing mutually beneficial revenue opportunities, technology evolution, generating increased brand awareness for both and increasing lead generation and sales opportunities.

In our collaborations we share experience and expertise and address the issues of our industries and customers we each serve and ultimately make our customers more successful.

As we continue to grow our product and service offerrings we are also actively investigating new relationships and expanding existing relationships to benefit our merchant customers and our marketing and product plans.

Some of our partner types include:

eCommerce Hosts
Store Software Developers
eCommerce Tool Builders
Web Developers
System Integrators
Marketing Organizations
Bill Presentment Companies
eCommerce Portals
Shopping Cart Developers
Independent Sales Orgs
Payment Product Providers
Bank Networks
Software Developers

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with IntelliPay™, email us with a description of your business and partnership interest.