ExpertLink™ is used to link eCommerce systems to IntelliPay’s ePayment system “in the background”, meaning you can serve your own secure payment pages from your secure server and control the entire user experience.

Your web developer’s programming, shopping cart or store software will open a high-speed, two-way, real-time and secure connection to IntelliPay over the Internet to send payment requests and receive the replies.

ExpertLink™ is very robust and feature-rich.

To use ExpertLink™ you will need:

Your own secure server to serve your own payment and receipt pages;
Your developer will build a connector that lives on your server(s) that talks to us – unless you’re using a commercially available shopping cart or other store system that already has ExpertLink™ support built in.

For a full technical understanding of ExpertLink™, review the ExpertLink™ Guide. To get a list of ExpertLink™ features and benefits see our Features and Benefits document.

All ExpertLink™ accounts come with the Account Management System and SmartTerminal.