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Did you know…

You CAN accept credit cards without paying a fee?

IntelliPay’s Outsourced Website or “Site” Fee Program adds an up to 4% fee to the customer’s amount due, billing them for the customer support, website hosting, software, and processing fees.

You skip the processing fees!

Did you know…

Credit cards cost 2x more to process than Debit Cards?

Why? Credit cards are tied to rewards and cashback programs. Debit cards are tied to checking accounts (no rewards).

Guess who pays for the rewards and cashback programs? You do!

This is not fair! To balance the scales, IntelliPay is introducing our FairPay program.

FairPay Does

FairPay adds a 3-4% fee when someone uses their credit card that’s tied to a rewards program.

FairPay Does Not

FairPay doesn’t add the fee when someone uses their debit card that’s tied to a bank account (no rewards).


  • Adds a fee to amount due

  • Deposits invoice amount into your account

  • Deposits fee into IntelliPay’s account

  • Displays fee before payment, so customers are informed and can approve

Does Not

  • Deposit the fee amount in your bank account

  • Bill you for transaction costs

  • Interfere with compliance rules because it’s our hosted web (site) fee for our services


Our Site Fee Model bridges the gap for merchants that can’t or don’t want to offer credit cards and customers who are requesting the ability to pay with their credit cards. Site Fee is an alternative fee-based program that enables IntelliPay to charge a separate fee (percentage or flat) to the customer for using our services, software, maintenance, processing, and Level 1 customer support that we provide on behalf of the merchant.

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