IntelliPay™ Features & Benefits Digest

IntelliPay™, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of trusted, proprietary, high quality electronic transaction processing and payment products and services for Internet and other businesses.

Thousands of businesses authorize, process and settle millions of dollars of transactions through IntelliPay’s various systems.

IntelliPay™ is focused on quality, reliability and innovation. With payment systems and payment alternatives evolving to suit the electronic economy, IntelliPay is dedicated to bringing our clients reliable, scalable and innovative payment systems and payment types. IntelliPay prides itself on innovating specialty features and services for both small and large merchants. Not only do we offer some compelling technological advantages, we also provide personal care for the unique needs of our merchant customers.

Unique Features for Small Merchants

  • IntelliPay’s LinkSmart™ upgrade, SmartPages™, offers the merchant the ability to control the complete look and feel of the IntelliPay payment pages during the customer’s shopping experience. A huge advantage for small merchants. Where a merchant does not host a secure site shoppers are typically redirected to a generic payment page at the most critical point in the purchase – payment time. With our unique technology the merchant remains in control of the look and feel of the customer’s entire shopping experience without compromising security.
  • LinkSmart™ is easy to install into most web sites
  • Automated nightly settlement helps avoid non-qualified rate charges and speeds up cash flow
  • IntelliPay’s powerful and unique AVS Controls help the small merchant manage transaction risk better. Our “AVS Only” feature lets him verify card validity.
  • New Duplicate Transaction System helps prevent double charges and subsequent merchant credit and chargeback expenses.

Unique Features for Mid to Large Merchants

  • Integration flexibility using our robust and configurable ExpertLinkT front-end choices lets merchants more easily integrate IntelliPay into their business processes.
  • New, Optional Duplicate Transaction System helps prevent double charges and subsequent merchant credits and chargebacks.
  • Optional, dynamic, transaction-by-transaction AVS score settings allows merchant systems to dictate acceptable AVS score for each transaction causing IntelliPay to reject non-matches.
  • Two Live Datastreams to push data into business systems “in the background”
  • IntelliPay™ is customer-centric. Several new features exist because of client needs, tech support responds to merchants and enhanced engineering support is available if needed.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Leased line support available for high-volume merchants

IntelliPay™ System Features

In most IntelliPay™ packages, you can get the following IntelliPay products and services.

Smart Terminal™

  • IntelliPay’s Smart Terminal™ let’s you enter live, real-time, manual credit card transactions through your browser from anywhere in the world that you can log on to Internet. Smart Terminal is available from your secure IntelliPay Merchant Login.
  • Smart Terminal™ often replaces an expensive physical terminal and printer, saving you hundreds of dollars.
  • Optional Duplicate Transaction System available for SmartTerminal transactions.
  • Allows multiple simultaneous logins so all your staff can process orders.
  • Phone orders, fax orders, trade show orders, and more.
  • Normal Authorizations, Pre-Authorizations for delayed shipments, Credit/Returns, AVS Only’s (to verify active account status).
  • Supports all card types your business is approved to accept.


LinkSmart™ is our powerful remote-hosted connection tool that links your web site or business systems to our payment processing platform across the Internet. Using industry standard SSL your data is transmitted securely and rapidly into our systems where we provide authorization and settlement systems supporting your merchant account.

Merchants who don’t have access to a secure server, or don’t want the expense and hassle of installing and maintaining secure servers will use LinkSmart since we host the secure payment pages for the merchant. This can save you thousands and speed your implementation time to as quickly as one day.

You can also upgrade this method using our innovative SmartPages feature giving you absolute control over the look and feel of the secure pages we’re serving for you.

Shopping cart, catalog and store developers may use LinkSmart as their connection tool for the same reasons. Unless the cart or store is built to host its own secure pages, accept payment information and transmit to us in the background, LinkSmart is the right choice. However, many carts or store developers will likely use ExpertLink to keep IntelliPay processes “in the background.”


With ExpertLink™, you provide the secure servers, encryption and other tools on your site and securely connect to IntelliPay “in the background”. This is valuable if you’ll be using one of our live, real-time two-way data streams to update your business systems, notify fulfillment, or updating databases. This method will require you to have a web developer or programmer to integrate IntelliPay into your systems and/or web site.

This method also has many useful and powerful variations fully explained in our User’s Guide.

Secure System Management Center

From your IntelliPay secure login via your browser, you can control many functions and features of your IntelliPay account and system.

Here are just a few capabilities from management screens:

  • Password controls
  • Duplicate Transaction System configuration
  • E-mail addresses for IntelliPay transaction alerts
  • Force Invoice Numbering and control uniqueness of numbers
  • Enable and configure system emails to automate
  • E-mail transaction receipts to your buyers (heavily recommended)
  • E-mail transaction notices to yourself
  • Control Required and Editable Fields in Smart Terminal and LinkSmart
  • Control method and destination of our two powerful real-time data streams
  • Basic configuration of our Transaction page look and feel if we’re providing secure service for you.
  • View today’s open batch, void transactions
  • View Authorize Only transactions (if any) and mark for settlement
  • View or download any of last 180 days of batches
  • Access Smart Terminal to process manual orders
  • Support for Recurring or Batch Transactions

Market Needs

  • 93% of all Internet purchases are made with credit cards. You must be credit card enabled!
  • Average ticket value of Internet purchases are generally 3 times the size of “real world” purchases.
  • Use a trusted, reliable ePayments provider. Thousands of merchants use IntelliPay. Hundreds more sign up monthly!
  • Accept real-time payments from your 24x7x365 web business.


  • IntelliPay’s fees are among the lowest in the industry

Merchant Support

  • Phone-based tech support available for all accounts
  • Email & live web chat available
  • Enhanced support for enterprise-level integrations when needed

Transactions Supported

  • All major card types supported; Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner’s Club®, JCB, Visa Check Card (debit), MasterCard Debit Card, Level 2 Commercial Cards (with select bank networks)
  • Full support for all transaction types: Regular Authorization, Pre-Authorization for delayed shipments, Credits, Voids, Recurring transactions.
  • Automated nightly settlement relieves you of manual “batch closing” steps and gets your money to your account much more quickly. (Another IntelliPay feature to help you maximum your merchant account discounts and rates.)
  • Support for batch transaction uploads for bulk transaction runs.
  • Two innovative and powerful methods for recurring transactions. Use a real-time feed or ftp upload. Neither of these methods requires you to store credit card information on your side!

Automated Settlement Features

  • IntelliPay automatically settles your daily batch for you eliminating manual steps to force settlement.
  • Settlement begins at 8 p.m. PST daily in order to beat your merchant account deadline to help speed your deposit and save merchant account penalties.
  • Settled batches kept in your secure login for viewing or downloading for 180 days.

Standards Based

  • Uses industry-standard SSL security (up to 128 bit) to protect you and your buyer’s data and privacy
  • Fully compatible with all “Electronic Commerce” standards of Visa, MasterCard, and other card and bank networks.


IntelliPay continues to enhance and invent new features and technologies so that you have a continually up-to-date and powerful payment system. Some recent innovations include:

  • AVS Only: Lets you run a transaction to get an AVS score which essentially lets you verify a credit card’s account.
  • AVS Rules: Allows you to set acceptable AVS scores and we’ll reject transactions that don’t comply.
  • SmartPages: Our innovative secure page hosting solution lets you completely control your page design on pages that we serve for you
  • XML: The coming language of ecommerce, IntelliPay is the only payment gateway supporting XML connections to us. Enterprise level businesses will find this fits perfectly with their other XML efforts.
  • Automatic Partial Reversal: Authorize for one amount, settle for a lesser amount without re-authorizing.
  • Remote messaging protocol for pre-auth completion. This is especially useful for businesses that have delayed shipments and pre-authorize and delay transaction settlement to meet their merchant account rules.
  • Duplicate Transaction System to check transactions to eliminate double submissions and some forms of fraud attempts. Merchant Configurable.
  • Unique and enhanced support for recurring billing for ExpertLink users. Use a real-time feed or ftp upload. Neither method requires you to save or host credit card information!


  • Uses industry-standard SSL security (up to 128 bit) to protect you and your buyers data and privacy
  • IntelliPay network systems are located in secure data centers protected by man-traps, 24 hour security guards, video monitoring, card key and ID access to approved personnel only, multiple power backups, temperature and humidity controls and state of the art fire suppression systems.
  • 24 hour managed firewalls and security escalation procedures
  • Secured data stores not accessible from Internet
  • Transactions received by IntelliPay are processed via private, secure connections to bank networks.
  • IntelliPay securely stores the payment data for you, helping reduce your risk of hosting credit card data on your site or machines

Business Integration and Ease of Use

  • No IntelliPay software to download, install, configure or maintain on your site or servers
  • Simple HTML implementation for LinkSmart users. Integration is quick and easy.
  • We provide secure servers for payments via LinkSmart. No secure servers to buy, maintain, upgrade and protect, or staff to attend them. Saves thousands. Or,
  • Use your own secure servers and process payments via IntelliPay “in the background” using ExpertLink connectivity (requires programming).
  • Download of settled batches for import into back office systems for better audit support.
  • Live data streams for real-time integration with merchant store or back-office systems. (Relatively easy programming to our remote-hosted API required)
  • Fully portable. Change your web host, change your merchant account, IntelliPay goes with you.
  • Support for batch upload of bulk or recurring transactions and enhanced messaging for recurring billing of previous transactions.
  • Download past settled batches for importing to your other business systems

Some Business Features

  • ePayment enable any web store, wherever you host it.
  • IntelliPay is fully “portable”; you can change web hosts or merchant accounts and IntelliPay moves with you.
  • Inspect “today’s batch” online from your own secure administrative login to verify transactions or void transactions before they settle.
  • Inspect or download any of your most recent 180 days of batches.
  • Online Smart Terminal so you can enter phone, fax or trade show orders manually. Accessible from any web browser, wherever you are.
  • Automated, configurable emails to merchant and/or buyer for each transaction helps reduce chargebacks!
  • Our New SmartPages feature lets you completely control the look and feel of secure payment pages – we host them for you, saving you time and money, and your customers have increased satisfaction from “your” payment pages.

Managing Chargeback Risk

  • Enable and configure system emails to automate:
    • E-mail transaction receipts to your buyers (heavily recommended to help alleviate chargebacks)
    • E-mail transaction notices to yourself
  • Innovative AVS rule allows merchant to set acceptable AVS scores, rejecting all others.
  • IntelliPay-only function “AVSOnly” allows testing validity of cardholder account
  • New Duplicate Transaction System helps avoid a major source of credits, chargebacks and additional merchant account fees and/or penalties
  • Fast, daily automated settlement.


  • Payment authorizations turned around in 2 – 5 seconds. Some merchants have recorded 1½ seconds (including Internet lag)!
  • High Capacity, professionally maintained payment systems capable of millions of transactions monthly. Enhanced Peak Load capacity supports your busiest times.
  • Systems scrupulously certified by the biggest private banking networks in the world.
  • Our private, high-speed and redundant connections to the bank networks improves transaction turnaround times.
  • IntelliPay’s diverse Internet connectivity gives us multiple and redundant “points of presence” all around the Internet, moving us much “closer” to your web site and your buyer’s browsers! Transactions turnaround in 2 – 5 seconds (average), much faster than others.

Innovation by ePayment Professionals

IntelliPay’s products and services are designed, developed and maintained by experienced, professional financial system engineers. ePayments is all we do, all day every day.

We are constantly working on bringing you access to better payment systems, payment types, procedures, connectivity options and more.