Intellipay offers over 15 different front end and back end solutions to enable your organization to accept every possible payment options!

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Online Payment Page/Hosted Web Form

For entities that would like to accept payments online in a simplified manner, we offer our brandable, Online Payment Page. The page can also be used as a “Hosted Web Form” for Integrated Software Vendors. The page has the following features:

  • Brandable with your logo
  • Configurable departments and custom data fields
  • Customizable Disclaimers
  • Choose required data fields
  • Data can be posted into the form via URL or Encrypted URL

Customer Portal

For clients that like to control what their customers see and pay we offer our Customer Portal. The link can be branded with your logo and disclaimers. You can choose to either have your customers create an account with a username and password, pay as a guest, or pay using 2-3 factors of authentication.

Portal functionality includes:

  • Paying invoices (text to pay, e-invoicing, or automated)
  • Viewing payment history
  • Updating of payment and account information
  • Load data into portal via Batch upload or API

ONE Virtual Terminal

For those merchants that need to accept payments at the Point of Service, take payments Over-the-Phone, or setup Recurring Payment Plans, we offer the ONE Terminal. The name pretty much says it all. Your staff can save the link on a desktop and track users with usernames and passwords. This one of a kind, virtual terminal can do the following:

  • EMV Transactions (For Service Fee merchants, you can insert the card once and process on two separate MIDs).
  • Setup Recurring or Custom Payment Schedules
  • Customize drop down menu
  • Create custom data fields
  • “Store” payment info without processing a payment
  • “Recall” payment info that was stored on file
  • 100% PCI Compliant

Mobile Application

For merchants on the go that need to accept payments anywhere, anytime, we offer our mobile application. The mobile app tracks who entered the payments using the username and password. Features include:

  • Accepts credit card, debit card, or ACH
  • Customizable with colors
  • Compatible with iOS or Android

Terminal Integrations

We understand that some of our merchants will need to accept payments at the front without a computer or workstation. For these clients, we offer our line of integrated credit card machines. We are currently integrated with the Verifone VX520. Look for more terminal solutions to come soon.

IVR Solutions

Merchants that would like to enable their customers to make “touch-tone” payments using their telephone, we offer our IVR Solution. Our IVR Solution contains the following features:

  • Bi-lingual phone scripts
  • Integrated or stand-alone processing
  • Credit Card validation
  • ACH Capable

Intellipay Pricing Models

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Intellipay can provide your organization with every possible payment option.

Multiple Processing Models to Support Multiple Use Cases

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Recurring Payments
Mobile Payments
Online Payments
ACH and Credit Card