Use LinkSmart when you want or need our payment systems to serve secure payment and receipt pages for you.

From a simple HTML link from your web site you send us the total sale amount and other information. We serve the secure payment page, collect the credit card data, run the real-time transaction, serve a secure receipt page, send out optional email receipts, and return your customer back to your web site.

LinkSmart™ is suitable for:

  • Most small businesses without access to their own secure servers and that need secure payments;
  • Most mid-sized businesses who prefer us to handle the security;
  • Shopping Carts, eCommerce Portals or Hosts, Store Software, Developers or Integrators who want or need us to handle the secure service while still getting a live data-stream back to their systems.

For a full technical understanding of LinkSmart, review the LinkSmart Guide. To get a list of LinkSmart features and benefits see our Features and Benefits document.

All LinkSmart accounts come with the Account Management System and SmartTerminal.

To view our ExpertLink Integration method Click Here.