IntelliPay™ Desktop Terminal

IntelliPay™ Desktop Terminal brings all of the functionality of a Virtual Terminal application to your desktop while supporting hardware such as a card reader and receipt printer.  This allows you to receive a swipe (card present) discount rate on your transactions and will save you hundreds of dollars in equipment and processing fees.  You can also take advantage of sharing printers on your network allowing several terminals to print to the same receipt printer, reducing the amount of hardware you need to purchase.

The IntelliPay™ Desktop Terminal (IDT) was created to address a growing need in today’s marketplace.  Companies have a frustration relating to the need for dedicated telephone lines and manually keyed transactions on sometimes numerous credit card terminals to process credit card transactions.  IDT will allow you, with an Internet connection, to process transactions on-line by simply swiping the card through a card reader attached to your keyboard.  The product is a great value to any business with a walk-in-clientele.

The software includes several features, including the ability to obtain traditional swipe rates from your merchant account provider even through the transactions will be securely processed directly over the Internet.