IntelliPay™, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of trusted, proprietary, high quality electronic transaction processing and payment products and services for Internet and other businesses.

Thousands of businesses authorize, process and settle millions of dollars of transactions through IntelliPay™’s various systems.

IntelliPay™ is focused on quality, reliability and innovation. With payment systems and payment alternatives evolving to suit the electronic economy, IntelliPay™ is dedicated to bringing our clients reliable, scalable and innovative payment systems and payment types. IntelliPay™ prides itself on innovating specialty features and services for both small and large merchants. Not only do we offer some compelling technological advantages, we also provide personal care for the unique needs of our merchant customers.

SmartTerminal lives inside your secure, online Account Management System and is the tool you use to authorize manual transactions from phone and fax orders or other non-Internet transactions.

All transaction types are supported: Normal authorizations, Authorization-Only (for delayed settlements), Pre-Authorization completions (for when you’ve received an authorization some other way such as voice-auth), Credits (for refunds), AVS Only (used to verify the validity of the account – but not the dollar amount), and more.

SmartTerminal can be used from anywhere you have an Internet connection. It has been used by businesses at trade shows, call centers using multiple, simultaneous logons, small businesses who don’t have an interactive eCommerce site, and others.

SmartTerminal can be purchased as a standalone product which includes the Account Management System – but not LinkSmart or ExpertLink.

Secure Account Management System (SAMS)

From any Internet connection you can securely log in to your IntelliPay™ account and manage many of IntelliPay™’s configurations and behaviors.

Through SAMS you can:

  • Manage required and/or editable fields for LinkSmart, ExpertLink and SmartTerminal;
  • Edit and control the two optional email receipts that can accompany every authorization;
  • View today’s and past batches;
  • Download past batches;
  • Void transactions from today’s batch;
  • Mark previous authorization-only transactions for settlement;
  • Manage your system passwords;
  • Control Invoice Numbering;
  • Access SmartTerminal if your account supports it;
  • Configure our new Duplicate Checking feature, if your account supports it;
  • and more…