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Welcome to IntelliPay

Merchants spend less on fees, and resellers and developers grow faster with our reduced-cost payment processing options.

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Simplify Payments,                    Save Money

Manage payments in one easy to setup and use cloud-hosted solution. Our payment suite powers online and in-person payments for retailers, software platforms, governments, and thousands of organizations nationwide.

Getting payments out of the way of growth. IntelliPay’s no-cost payment solutions are customizable to how you do business and integrates with existing systems removing payment processing and management obstacles to your growth.

There when you need us. Speaking of growth, we are hosted in the Google cloud (Gmail, YouTube), so your payments will scale no matter how fast your demand increases with 99.9%+ uptime.

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Our Specialty

We specialize in no-cost payment processing, where the customer pays a portion or entire cost of payment processing for their transaction.

Why no-cost payment solutions make sense: Your customers want choices when it comes to making payments. Adding choices adds cost. But that’s not all. Payment processing fees are higher when a rewards card is used, including the margins pay for your customer’s payment choices AND your customers’ perks. That isn’t fair. Our fee-based payment options re-coup payment processing costs when customers choose to pay with higher-cost reward credit or debit cards.

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Why IntelliPay

Single Platform

IntelliPay’s payment suite delivers cross-channel payment acceptance and processing for virtually every form of payment. IntelliPay’s single platform manages multiple payment options, users, and locations.

Enterprise Solutions

Robust parent/child hierarchy enables management to see sub totals for all locations aggregated into one report. Additional controls allow segregation of who can view reports, process payments, and issue refunds

Alternate Fee Options

We specialize in 100% card brand-compliant fee processing options that shift payment processing costs to the customer. Our fee options are built into our platform and updated as changes occur to ensure compliance.

Secure Payments

Our PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment suite utilizes tokenization, advanced P2PE encryption, and other secure technologies to provide complete end-to-end payment security.

Want to learn all that IntelliPay can do for you?

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We serve multiple industries. Please select from the list below to learn more.

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Explore the payment suite on your own or experience a demo focusing on the payment processing and management and payment solutions you need to grow your business.

Need a custom solution?

If you need a custom no-cost payment solution for your business, integration with proprietary software, or help with a unique business model, we can help.

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