Online Payment Pages (Hosted Web Forms)

Online payments grow your business, speed payments, and improve customer satisfaction. Now, your business can accept online payments simply and securely.

Hosted on our network, IntelliPay can add an online payment page to any website quickly and keep transactions off your systems, reducing your PCI audit scope.

Easily integrate with existing systems to simplify your accounting and operations while optional user-paid fees reduce your processing costs.


Brandable and configurable with custom data fields

Convenient payments – Credit card, debit card, eCheck, and recurring payments

PCI audit scope reduction – Hosted on our systems

Cost-effective and fast implementation

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Lightbox Terminals

The Lightbox Terminals are pop-up modals for any web or invoice page that present your application’s look and feel while allowing the customer to enter or process their debit or credit card information into lntelliPay’s 100% PCI compliant, highly secure payment suite.

There are three lightbox terminal types:

Card Present – EMV terminal for in-person transactions

Card Not Present – for online transactions

Store Mode – for registering cards/bank accounts without processing a payment

By offering Card Present (EMV), Card Not Present, and Store Mode terminals, your application can accept all types of payments with the confidence of receiving the appropriate interchange fees, chargeback protection, and PAN (Personal Account Numbers) encryption.


Customized modal appearance

EMV, swipe & online payment options

Accept credit & debit cards and eChecks (ACH)

API/Plug-n-Play integration

Centralized, real-time reporting for all payments

Fully hosted, reduces PCI audit scope

To learn more, talk to a consultant.