Getting Started and Quick Tips on Product Choices

To link a web site, store software or shopping cart to IntelliPay real-time processing,
choose from LinkSmart or ExpertLink, or contact us to talk it over.
  • Secure Payment Pages Provided
  • Saves Security Expenses & Concerns
  • Eliminates Need for Your Own Secure Server (But can use your own.)
  • Easy to Implement to Sites & Carts
  • SmartPagesT Upgrade Lets You Easily Control Page Design
  • Includes Secure Account Management and Back Office
  • Includes SmartTerminalT
  • For More Details on LinkSmart, Go Here.
  • Connect to IntelliPay Payment Processing “in the background”
  • Use Your Own Secure Server
  • Integrate Real-Time Payment Data into Your Systems
  • Expanded Feature Set
  • Robust Features for eStores & Carts
  • Includes Secure Account Management and Back Office
  • Includes SmartTermialT
  • For More Details on ExpertLink, Go Here
LinkSmart and ExpertLink Also Include
  • SmartTerminal for processing manual transactions. Smart Terminal is also available as a standalone product.
  • Secure Account Management System
  • Duplicate Transaction System (in most cases)