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Are you looking for the best merchant services? Look no further than IntelliPay! The features of integrated payment platform make it the choice of business owner’s for easy, cost-effective payment processing.  These features include options for online and in-person payments, text payments, alternate fee options, and real-time reporting! Read on to learn more, and talk with us to find the payment model that best suits your business!

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Online and In-Person Payments

No matter the size of your business, you’ll likely need a way to conduct payments both online and in-person. When you choose IntelliPay, you can count on our integrated platform to provide you with up to 12 front-end payment options. From an online payment page to virtual terminals to in-person payment processing methods, we have it all!

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Secure Payments

Your privacy and your customers’ privacy are of the utmost importance to us. That is why we designed a secure payment system, so you can trust that your and your customers’ private information is being protected during each transaction.

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Alternate Fee Options

Businesses shouldn’t be burdened with handling processing fees when simply trying to handle transactions. Our reduced cost payment processing is the solution to avoiding these costly fees! Your customers will pay a portion, or the entire cost, of payment processing for each transaction.

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Real-Time Reporting

We understand how important it is to stay up to date on the latest transactional information when you’re monitoring your business’s financial performance. At Intellipay, we’ve created a real-time reporting feature that lets you look into detailed information on your transactions whenever you need.

When it comes to creating the best merchant services, IntelliPay has focused on providing the features that make our integrated platform hit the mark. To learn more about the features of our integrated platform, contact our team today!

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