An Exciting Update from Caselle® and IntelliPay™!

My name is Casey Leloux, President of IntelliPay, Inc.  Over the past several months we have had many questions regarding our combined solutions with Caselle, how it works and specifically, how much it costs. This update will provide you with answers to your questions and explain the benefits of accepting credit card payments on the Internet using Online Bill Pay as well as over-the-counter at City Hall. First, let me quickly explain some of the benefits of accepting credit card payments.

1. Reduced Losses
By accepting credit cards the volume of checks returned for “non-sufficient funds” (NSF) and their associated fees, penalties, and collections costs are reduced.  This also diminishes re-deposit fees as well as the cost of processing additional transactions.

2. Collect Money Faster
Credit card transactions are deposited into your bank account within 24-48 hours, thus reducing the typical time that it takes to receive checks in the mail.

3. Collect More Money
In addition, some communities enjoy as much as a 20% increase in collections once they start accepting credit cards. Credit cards are quickly becoming a standard way to make utility payments.  Accepting credit cards both over the internet and at the counter is a major convenience to your citizens.

Secondly, I would like to explain the benefits of automated cash receipting.  By using the IntelliPay and Caselle combined solution it will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to post cash receipts for credit card payments.  Since the cash receipting is automatic, it does not require separate data entry.  This saves time and costly data entry errors.

Online Bill Pay
The Online Bill Pay solution allows your customer to look up an invoice and securely pay their utility bill using a credit card.

If your customer pays over the counter, you simply need to lookup an invoice and swipe or key-in a credit card.

In either case, the credit card authorization and posting of the cash receipts is automated and therefore eliminates the need for a duplicate transaction entry. We are excited to provide you with the personal attention you need to get your account up and running today!

Casey Leloux


IntelliPay worked closely with Caselle to develop software that enables automatic cash receipting of payments made by citizens over the web or in person.  By using this solution, a municipality can take payments from citizens on utility bills, court fees, etc. through the internet and with one click they will automatically be posted to their customer’s utility account.  This eliminates the need for additional data entry and also reduces the time needed to find and fix data entry errors. IntelliPay is focused on quality, reliability, and innovation, as well as outstanding customer support.

For information regarding pricing and specific information on how the IntelliPay and Caselle combined solution works, please see our Payment Card Acceptance Program.

To learn how our solution works with Caselle click here