Wireless Transactions

You can now use IntelliPay to submit wireless transactions with retail qualifications using your Nextel phone with data service. This feature will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

IntelliPay™ Wireless Terminal is software that when loaded onto your Nextel phone enables you to accept swiped or keyed credit card transactions from that phone using a card reader and optional receipt printer.

You simply "plug in" the card reader into the Nextel phone and swipe your credit card transaction. IntelliPay™ Wireless Terminal then transmits the credit card information through the Nextel Data Network for credit card authorization. Once authorization is obtained, the information is returned to the Nextel phone and the merchant can either print a receipt or ask the client for another form of payment in the case of a decline. The merchant has all of the benefits of retail rates with the added benefits of a visual batch management and settlement process which can be viewed anytime by logging into their IntelliPay™ Batch Management Account at https://www.IntelliPay.net/Merchant.

IntelliPay™ Wireless Terminal is the perfect solution for mobile merchants that use a cellular phone, including Taxis, Limos, Pizza Delivery, Flea Market Merchants, Merchants that sell at fairs and festivals, Delivery services, Contractors, Carpet Cleaners, Exterminators and every other mobile merchant.

IntelliPay™ Wireless Terminal is less expensive for the merchant to own, more portable, more functional and a better communication device than any traditional wireless terminal product offered today.

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