IntelliPay™ WebTerminal

IntelliPay™ WebTerminal allows any company with a need for a large number or card terminals the most economic solution on the market today. Now every computer in your call center can be its own credit card terminal. Advanced security features make every terminal able to perform authorizations and track the computer through the authorization record.

IntelliPay™ WebTerminal is the most affordable solution today for call centers, collection centers or any other merchant that has a need to put a credit card terminal on every desktop in the center.

One of the unique features of IntelliPay™ WebTerminal is that a merchant can have several Merchant Accounts and a WebTerminal user can select which account to process the transaction on at the point of sale. This feature allows a phone operator to use the same terminal for several different merchants at the same time.

IntelliPay™ WebTerminal also incorporates advanced security features such as allowing a manager to control whether each terminal can only process authorizations, or allow an operator to process voids and credits as well. Each operator's login access is controlled by a manager at all times allowing a manager to give more permission or reduce permission for any operator. The login name of the operator is also captured and submitted with each authorization transaction performed allowing a manager to identify which operator performed each transaction on their terminal application.

Every transaction is recorded in one management interface and settled each night with one batch. This allows a manager to view all card transactions and settle all transactions with a single batch at the end of the night, regardless of how many terminals are deployed throughout the organization.

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