Recent Product & Service Releases

IntelliPay™ is dedicated to innovation and reliability in bringing valuable new transaction features and tools to our merchant customers. In most cases our new products and releases are a result of direct involvement with our customers and learning what they need or want. Also see a brief list of powerful features and products unique to IntelliPay™.

Technology Partner Access Section
IntelliPay's Technology Partners provide a variety of products and services including implementation and integration services, industry knowledge, resources and expertise and complimentary technologies. These partners can help ensure the success of your ecommerce initiatives using IntelliPay's products and services.

Visit our new Technology Partner section to help find solutions you may need!

If you're a LinkSmart™ merchant using IntelliPay™ to serve your payment and receipt pages, you can use SmartPages™ to maintain your complete look and feel even on the pages we serve for you. Using our SmartPages protocol, you create your own payment, retry and receipt pages using your own designs, give them to us and we host and serve those in place of our own.

SmartPages™ documentation is available in our Documentation section. (You need to login to access this documentation)

The SmartPages upgrade is available for a nominal monthly hosting fee.

Click Here to Find Out How SmartPages Can Save You Time, and Money.

Duplicate Transaction System
One common problem with ecommerce is buyers who sometimes submit transactions two or more times. They often do this because a shopping cart didn't respond to them fast enough and they thought it failed, or they get confused. In any case, this can result in two or more duplicate charges on their account - and ultimately becomes a credit or chargeback for you - which also incurrs charges on your merchant account.

Duplicate attempts are sometimes also a form of fraud. Someone with a stolen card may be attempting to quickly run a batch of transactions.

We created and released our proprietary, new Duplicate Transaction System (DTS) in response to a customer who uses their web site to give instant credit on the customer's account when the transaction is approved. They have many duplicate attempts and this new feature has literally saved them thousands in fraudulent transactions as well as penalty fees on their merchant account.

If your IntelliPay account includes Duplicate Transaction System, you will be able to configure:

  • Whether the amount is included in your dupe checking or just the card number;
  • The time period within which a transaction is considered a duplicate. Configure in one minute increments up to 24 hours.

DTS is a valuable addition to ecommerce merchant's ePayment system and will save many thousands for many merchants. See the DTS documentation here. (You need to login to access this documentation)

DTS is a Vital Tool for eCommerce Sites. Click Here to Get More Info.

Dynamic AVS Rules for ExpertLink
LinkSmart and ExpertLink merchants now have unique and powerful transaction-by-transaction rules that can be sent with your authorization request that defines how IntelliPay responds to various AVS scores.

The first, "REJECTIFAVSNOT" defines the acceptable AVS reponse for that transaction. If the AVS score for that transaction does not match your desired score, we will decline the transaction.

The other, "REJECTAVSMISMATCH" instructs IntelliPay to decline transactions where the AVS system reports a mismatch in the customer's bill-to address and his address as it reads on file with his cardholder account.

Since these rules are dynamic, you can build systems on your side to use different AVS score requirements for different uses, or send the same acceptable score for every transaction.

See our AVS documentation for more details.(You need to login to access this documentation)

Our Unique and Flexible AVS Rules Are Easy to Use and Can Save You Thousands. Go Here to Find Out How to Get Started.

Unique Products From ePayment Professionals
IntelliPay is dedicated to innovation and helping our merchants with new and truly useful tools and features. Here's a list of unique or important features and innovations you'll find only from IntelliPay! Details of each are available in our various product information and documentation.

  • AVS Rules: Remote protocols to control AVS behaviors for LinkSmart & ExpertLink
  • AVS Only: New transaction type to return an AVS score only. Also useful to validate the existence of a credit card account.
  • Auto Partial Reversal: Authorize at one amount, settle the transaction for a different lower amount. Useful for delayed shipments or backorder situations. (FDC-based merchant accounts only at this time.)
  • Pre-Auth Completion: Remote protocol to stimulate the settlement of an "authorization only" transaction processed earlier.
  • XML Interface: IntelliPay is the only payment gateway supporting optional XML from ecommerce sites.
  • Duplicate Transaction System: for identifying and controlling duplicate attempts. Merchant customizable.
  • Recurring Transaction Support: For subscription or other recurring sales.
  • Bulk Transaction Support: Upload many transactions at once!
  • Two Live Data Streams: Two optional data streams are available to update your systems in real-time.

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